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=> the Cheapest Shared and Private Proxies

We offer the cheapest price for shared proxy. Due to effective rotation of IP addresses, we have been able to reduce the price for each IP tenfold.

The price of each individual IP in a package can start from one and a half cents apiece. This means that you can at a small price get a HUGE package of high-quality universal proxy servers.


★ High Anonymous Elite Proxies
★ All Proxies support SOCKS4/5 and HTTP(S)
★ 1.000 Mbit/s Fast Servers
★ 99% UP Time
★ Unlimited Bandwidth
★ Multiple Subnets
★ Non Sequential IP's
★ User & Pass Auth or IP Auth (you can choose from client control panel)
★ 24 Hours Money Back Guarantee
★ Instant Setup Time
★ 24/7 Customer Support


- MICRO        Packages| 70 IPs (russian) - $8 / month ; 350 IPs (CIS countries) - $12 / month
- MINI            Packages| 1000 IPs (Europe, Russia, Ukraine) - $19,9 / month ; 1000 IPs (USA + Latin America) - $24,9 / month
- STANDARD Packages| 3000 IPs (Europe, Russia, America) - $79,9 / month
- MAXI           Packages| 5500 IPs (World Mix) - $44,9 / month ; 1500 IPs (World Mix) - $250 / month

For more information please visit our website:

All payments are one time payments (non recurring)
We accept Paypal (instant activation) and Bitcoin (manual activation)


  • 5500 IPs (World Mix) - $44,9 / month ; 1500 IPs (World Mix) - $250 / month

     isn't a mistake? please clarify

  • sorry, my bad

    15000 IPs (World Mix) - $250 / month
  • Is it good for scrapebox and GSA SER?
  • I would not suggest to use shared proxies for google scraping.

    It does not matter if you use our proxies or someone's else.
    For Scrapebox use 100% private/dedicated proxies only! Otherwise you will get poor results.

    But if you're looking for proxies for GSA / Zenno / Xrumer / Ubot etc, you are in the right place.

  • zozo31zozo31 Indonesia
    Hi, i am forced to ask here because no one reply to my ticket since hours ago..

    I bought the USA packages and i did read the countries which were included in the proxies.. yet i failed to find Russian and Ukraine in the list.. not too mention the amount of it, more or less 600 of 1,000 proxies flagged Russia and Ukraine by GSA..

    The good part is the IP's that are flagged from USA by GSA apparently performs good, they stay green when tested to google search..

    I hope the business is going well so you can pay attention more to the smaller details like this..

    Still waiting the reply to my ticket! thank you and hopefully all is good :)
  • zozo31zozo31 Indonesia
    lol no reply to this thread.. and gracefully down a.k.a website is gone!

    still in my mid term and the service already drop dead... no information, no email, no nothing.. what a wonderful bunch of guys :)
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    I sent a PM to the OP. Closing this until we here back from him. 
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