Very Strong GSA SER Link List Exchange Group - Open to Join

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I'm running a group that trades verified SER lists. Currently we have over 20 members
Myself, and many members from GSA forum and from imsoldiers. Our lists our fairly
large and we are looking for more members to join to swap all lists between everyone.

I don't have all the statistics about the lists but it is fair to say that you 
won't be sorry. You can literally increase your list by many times overnight. I'm
running the group on skype and my username there is


all the members are there and connected to me and each other.

You can sign up to a free skype account and contact me on skype 

I will tell you a little about what I do with SER

I Use:

Captcha Breaker
GScraper - large load scraping
Ahrefs - stealing the links of other "spammers"

I have taken all the domains of all the links that point to most of the web 2.0s outthere by doing raw exports from ahrefs
and have analyzed them to see whether SER can post to them. So you at the very least, I'm running a serious operation. In 
addition I have collected 4-5 lists that were posted on Blackhatworld and 2 lists that were posted on imsoldiers. I also 
have found the list of another unknown person that was running SER for sometime and incorporated his list as well. Yesterday
I made a purchase of someone selling a list of nearly 18000 unique domains. That shall be added as well.

Your .sl file deduped and verified must be at least 25mb.


  • ill message you on skype.
  • just sended your contact request
  • you need to limit this group because im sure some members will be giving it to their buddies who will in turn give it to theirs..
  • added! hope to have a good chat
  • Yes go to the url provided by metster and read the whole thread. Make your own judgement the whole conversation is there.
  • MrXMrX Germany
    Cmon please focus on 1 thread to bash yourselves and not all over this forum
  • MrXMrX Germany
    Well I wont go into that childish discussion but I do want to support a clean place for people to talk about SER and GSA products and avoid the mood and environment of crap talk you can find on every other damn SEO board like BHW etc. So I guess I am free to post my opinion towards your behaviour.
  • request send 

  • @magic Actually I am glad he brought that up, it lets a person make a decision to do business with the person in question. 
  • mashafeeqmashafeeq iraq
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    well from what u said it seems u dont have that much lists ,,, 18000 domain ?! 
    it considered few for the beast (gsa ser)

    we talk in millions so if u got lists +10 million and so on then pm me
    note: i only use gmail ( === currently using)
    now i got over 65 mil lists and alot of them pagerank 0-9 and very high lpm,vpm,serp,targeted ancher,contexual,and autoapprove, my vpm reach 120,Lpm reach 350 also there gov,edu,org,com
    i dont sell but i trade and i dont give for free ,only for few people cuz if i spread them in public then my lists will be useless

    and dont worry about gsa cb any more ( am the new sdk member for gsa cb and am creating hundreds new captchas weakly also highly improving importent captchas)
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