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Multiple Url parsing

MiguelMiguel New York
How do you parse emails from mutilple urls at once?

Best Answer

  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    no, you have to create a file with one URL (porper formated with http:// or https://) each line.


  • Miguel Check out the GSA Email Spider
  • MiguelMiguel New York
    im speaking of the gsa email doesnt seem to have multiple url parsing...if anyone knows please explain..thanks!
  • SvenSven

    you can import more than one URL using Project->Import->URLs

    Then hit continue.

  • MiguelMiguel New York
    ok i tried it but it is asking for file?

    do i save all the urls i want with commas for example:,bing,com,

    and then import this way from l.ike a text document?
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