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I have some problem with captcha sniper and gsa ranker

Do you guys run captcha sniper or captcha breaker for gsa ranker?
I have some really low success rate with captcha sniper i am talking about 2% success rate with a good verified list. Its like captcha sniper cant solve the captchas as fast as gsa ranker create links. I am running gsa ranker with 500 threads on a vps,

If somebody can help me i would appreaciate it.


  • SvenSven

    Well this is not the support forum for Captcha Sniper (even though there forum looks like a copy of ours). Do you see CS solving anything? If so I guess it is working as it should.

    I haven't checked CS for a long time now but usually ours (Captcha Breaker) should give a way better success rate. But of course nothing is perfect. You will always get captchas not being answered correctly.

  • CS is really poor. 

    Use CB and EVE and you'll be laughing.
  • I can second @JudderMan observation. CS has been left behind...
  • Sven my cs is not solving anything. can you please help by checking it yourself ? Through teamviewer or similar ? I would appreciate it.
  • SvenSven
    Hmm didn't want Mikey want to help you here? After all it'S no CS support forum here. I can of course try having a look but usually you should contact the CS guy first.
  • ok sven, i would appreciate it if you could try to look yourself at my gsa ranker campaign. How can i contact you?
  • like others already said, CS is not good.
    "better nothing than CS"
  • PO3marketingPO3marketing United States
    Did anyone slove their CS and GSA captcha issue? I seem to be having the same problem. 
  • SvenSven
    @PO3marketing please check your email. I just had a look on your VPS and it's no issue in CS but your network in general not being able to download websites correctly (even in Browser).
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