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Import URL Questions

I have two questions when it comes to importing URL's...

1) Sometimes I'll Import URL's (New Project no URLS in cache etc) and it will say 500k URLS imported.... I will then goto Show URLS > and it will only show say 30k. What gives?

2) Lets say your running a project off your verified list but you exhaust it - You then scrape more targets and build your list some more - Does SER Automatically find the targets and build links for the originall project?

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  • dwwwbdwwwb 94941
    Accepted Answer
    If you keep checking you may find that number grows. The targets get sorted before they show.


  • SvenSven

    1) Usually because the URLs are duplicates.

    2) Yes, but of course it is faster if you import the URLs directly to the project.

  • 1) Odd, I removed duplicates.

    2) Awesome :)
  • edited April 2015
    Going to bump this because I'm confused and wondering if anyone else has had this happen. Santos has been helping me but I'm thinking someone else may have encountered this problem too.

    I've scraped a list of URL's using Scrapebox.

    It comes out to say, 500k URLS. I remove Dupes.

    I right click project > Import URLS > Import from File (or Clipboard doesnt matter) and it says "SER Has Imported 500k URLS"

    I then goto Show URLS > URLS Remaining and it only shows say 10k (or some number less than what was imported)

    I've tried changing the encoding of the files and it does the same thing.
  • Did you check again later once the campaign was running?
  • I never started the campaign after I realized there was a problem with the URL's that were imported.

    I'll give that a try, one minute.
  • Just tried it, I imported 1.3 Million.

    Show URLS > Showed 330 URLS.

    I started projoect.

    It jumped to 17k
  • Sven got to the bottom of it!

    Some URL's had EOF characters which were messing up the count.
  • @Sven @leafcrazy ;I was wondering as well what is the proper way to import List in projects. Import URLs (Identify platform and sort in) or selecting projects, Import target urls from file/clipboard/site lists.
  • SvenSven
    using site lists has the advantages that every engine gets identified and sorted in, using it in projects has the advantage that its faster and sorted into your site list anyway. But thats only recomended if you use all engines in that project, else you lose some.
  • @Sven Now not sure which one i should use :S 
  • SvenSven
    are your projects more or less using the same engines? If so, import the list to the project directly.
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