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Adding Email Accounts

EarthlingEarthling New York City

Within the Email Verification section of a project settings, I would like to import a large batch of email accounts from a .txt file. Is
there a way for SER to extract the passwords and automatically enter them into the password input box, while importing the email addresses?

It seems like I can only do it manually, which is a pain every time I create a New project and want to load 20 or more emails addresses.

Also, is it possible to create the same email account list template so I don't have to import the same list of email accounts for every new project. I already know you can duplicate an existing project and it will keep the same settings, but I'm talking about creating a new project from scratch and use certain common previous templates so I don't have to do certain things repetitively.


Best Answers

  • dwwwbdwwwb 94941
    Accepted Answer

    Above format works on import. Both as @sven mentioned and from the "Add>Import From File" option within the project.
  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    just set something up, make an export in the email acounts settings and see the format yourself.


  • SvenSven
    right click on the project->modify->import->email accounts
  • EarthlingEarthling New York City
    I see, but that method only imports the email addresses but it does not fill out all the details (like the passwords). I still have to enter them manually.

    Unless there is a way to set up the email account list in a certain format that GSA SER can understand and then extract the information (such as the passwords) to the appropriate fields.

  • EarthlingEarthling New York City
    Great, I will give it a shot  :)
  • EarthlingEarthling New York City
    for the most part, this format works except it doesn't include or check off on the SSL box.

    Does SER rotates randomly between all the email accounts that's imported when it creates new accounts, or does it create accounts in the order that's on the list?

  • it does check SSL box, i think ":1" part
  • EarthlingEarthling New York City
    I tried it as dwwwb instructed:

    when I saved my list like that, SER input :1 into the password box along with my password.

    I also tried:

    (inserting the :1 between 995 and acoolgsaaddress) but it put the:1 into the Login input box, and then push the login details into the password box.

  • EarthlingEarthling New York City
    edited April 2015
    Ok, it seem like dwwwb's instruction was correct. The :1 belongs at the end, though I'm not sure why it didn't work the first time around

    Thanks all  :)
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