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SER Engines / FCS Networker


1. do SER Engines / FCS Networker do the same thing / post to the same types of sites ?

2. can anyone explain the difference please

3. is it wise to use one or the other

4. any instructions on how fcs networker works with gsa?

Thanks in advance

Best Answer


  • GSA SER is awesome for building tier links to FCS. Or any other similar service.
  • shaunshaun
    1 - FCS is a custom build platform designed from the ground up to do what it does and it does it well with outstanding support. SEREngines was an addon to an existing excellent platform built and maintained by a third party, in my opinion it doesn't do the job well, if at all.

    2 - FCS Networker builds web 2.0/PDF pages on high DA sites., SER builds pages to many different platforms allowing you to spread your incoming links over a massive amount of platforms.

    3 - No point using one of the other, I think FCS Networker, GSA SER and Scrapebox are perfect together.

    4 - Come up with your own method but I have used FCS as T1 SER as T2/T3 and FCS as T1/T2 SER T2/T3 with success.
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