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Advise on a dedicated server please?

Afternoon guys,

I am currently using Berman Hosting VPS' and have decided I want to move away from them, I have done a bit of research and saw the possitive feedback solidseovps are getting and would like to give them a try but I have no idea about processors and stuff so I wouldent mind a little help if possible.

As a minimum it would have to run GSA SER and GSA CB, it would be beneficial if it could also run GSA PI (bandwidth can be limited to give more CPU to SER) and Scrapebox too.

Here are the options.....

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    10% Discounts Coupon Code for Solid SEO VPS Dedicated Server Only…. Use Coupon Code AFKFOVS4I3  


  • catchallseocatchallseo <- Disposable Emails NO MORE!
    I am running a dedicated server from GreenCloudVPS without any issues.
  • powerup hosting has been good for me for a few years
  • shaunshaun
    What kind of specs do they have and what kind of price tag?
  • So is GreenCloudVPS, better than SolidSeoVps? On SolidSeoVps my memory kinda eats more then half resources and yet am not that agressive in building, running on 4GB ram.
  • Greencloud, Solidseo when it comes to dedis are resellers. If you are fine with paying for middleman - go for it. If not -, Powerup is overpriced - for price of 1 dedi drom powerup you can get 2 from different hosting company with more ram and 2x1tb hdd with hardware raid.
  • @satyr85 Our Dedicated Server pricing is not costly at all, specially due to the fact that we are service oriented hosting company, OVH isn't. When you are dealing with resellers, you are risking your data because OVH can suspend all the SEO servers at any time they want. We have our own hardware and network in Los Angeles. If you have used OVH then I am sure you might have experienced their support.

  • PowerUp VPS/Dedi is pretty good still, service is lame.
    Don't do Proxies!
  • 1linklist1linklist FREE TRIAL Linklists - VPM of 150+ -
    Powerup gets my vote. A bit pricier than a lot of providers, but never had any down-time with them.
  • GreenCloud. Quick to set up and support is quick too.

    Datashack, the servers are better for less money but the support don't understand about SER/tools (compared to Greencloud) and don't really care about customers so much.
  • guys are you use dedi for spam without proxy? 
  • JudderMan
    GreenCloud is reseller.
    Server FR5 - $110
    Directly in datacenter ~ $70
    $40 per month per server in toilet.
  • allow SEO application?
  • @satyr85 yeah I know but having that support that is on this forum and is understanding about SEO tools is worth the extra in my mind, after spending over a year with Datashack's dingbat support team :)
  • JudderMan
    Tbh middlieman is not able to give you any kind of additional support in critical situations, they redirect most of support tickets to DC. Datashack is monitoring network - to many packets per second and they turn off server without questions. France DC dont monitor network that hard and because of this you dont have problems with SER. Some time ago i was using resellers, now i go directly and i dont see any difference in quality. I only see difference in my pocket;)
  • @satyr85 fair enough :) I'll look into it, thanks ;)
  • Hi, I can recommend you this site (trading platform) for finding dedicated servers all around the world

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