Bulk emails for GSA Ranker


Why exactly do you need bulk emails to run GSA Ranker?  Is it to create different accounts on 2.0 websites?


If you buy bulk emails.... how long would those emails last you?  Would they go bad after a month?

If the emails go bad.... does it mean you have to be buying or using fresh emails every so many runs?


  • I was doing 100+ LPMs on yahoo alone with 1 campaign and a bulk list of URLs.

    I'm getting better results now using catch-all domains from @sabahat
  • I use my own catchalls, but I also get yahoos from http://buybulkaccount.com/

    He's on the forum I think

    If you are thinking about catchall, it's easy to set up if you have some "unlimited" cpanel hosting.  All you need is a domain.

    There are a couple of tuts on the forum detailing how to do it
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    All those fiverr guys are overpriced. I get them from this site- its where everyone resells from anyways, You may aswell not go with some shitty fiverr service. Oh nevermind, the link that guy sent isnt even to an email provider...

    All he did was link to fiverr for his affiliate commissions. Hey @pulasena, please at least provide something useful instead of boosting an old thread to post your shit links... Fuck i hate that.

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    Contact me if you want bulk GSA SER emails that come with a guarantee not to die or stop working.
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