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GSA Platform identifier-My review and questions

so I bought GSA platform identifier some days ago, I'm not fully satisfied with it since its eating lots of CPU and taking huge amount of time to complete a list of 80,000 URLs(five hours).
Although GSA SER is a bit slower than platform identifier but it does not eats up so much amount of RAM and CPU like this does. Yes you can run it independently but the whole point of scraping lists somewhat down sizes with the additional cost and not much additions in the new version.
Yes I know Santos and his team are really good programmers and they will find a solution sooner than later for bugs in this program but as of now it is really taking much time and CPU to process lists.
Now here are my questions: –
question one – how can I reduce CPU usage which is showing as 99% or higher on my VPS?
question two – how can a process lists faster with CPU usage as low as possible?

My settings are here: –
50 threads,  one MBPS per second  bandwidth restriction,  two projects in one time.

Best Answer

  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    edited March 2015 Accepted Answer
    Hmm, are you on a very low end VPS? I've never had CPU anywhere near maxed out on 50 threads and 1mbps bandwidth limit on my server or home PC.

    Are you using the "deep matching" option or filtering by keywords, etc?

    I sent you a PM, maybe I can login to your VPS and take a look if you don't mind.

    Here's my current CPU on 10,000 MBPS, total 450 threads between 2 projects. I haven't seen it go over 50% CPU, although my dedi server is probably more powerful:



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