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What is the best recaptcha service to use?

I am currently using just GSA Captcha Breaker for captcha solving.  I am getting decent success rates but I know it can be much better.  Do you recommend me using another service with GSA CB?

1) Can anyone suggest a good Re-Captcha service

2) Is it recommended to use 3 captcha services or is that going overboard (Eg. GSA CB + DeathByCaptcha + Re-cCaptcha Service) or can I get away with GSA CB + Re-Captcha

3) I noticed a Re-Captcha service charges per thread count.  I am currently using 90 threads in GSA SER, how many threads do I need for Re-Captcha? Can I use the smallest package of 5 captcha threads and get good results or do you think I will need a bigger package?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.


  • Go with CaptchaTronix (request 10% off in BST thread). SpamVilla was kicking ass when it came back in Sept but last month or so it's been down and shitty constantly. Hardly no one posts in that thread but trust me, been down ALOT.

    5 recaptcha threads should be enough for only 90 SER threads. Their recommendations are bit off, obviously a ploy to try and get more in sales. I currently have 20 threads with CaptchaTronix and I use 600-700 threads. I also send captchas CB can't solve to it and I rarely use all my threads. Make sure you set your "recaptcha random wait time" from the dashboard though. That will slow the shit down massive. I have mine set to the minimum and maximum of 2secs. The wait time is only necessary if you have very few proxies and slamming recaptchas. I have tons of proxies so adjust it to fit your setup.
  • @OldFusser ; I noticed on the CaptchaTronix website that they say they have a 60-70% solve rate.  Is this true as I was reading some other threads about re-captcha services and some people say they only get about 30% success rate.  What kind of success rate do you get from this service?

    Thanks !!
  • I get anywhere from 80-90% solve rate with my setup: 600-700 SER threads - 20 recaptcha threads - 250 semi-dedi proxies - 1 retry. The actual success not recognized rate I don't monitor.

    I know SpamVilla posted about their success rate being bad but his service's solve rate is terrible now and it's down all the damn time.

    I have it setup in SER via API. All I know is, I get alot of verified links that use recaptcha.
  • I personally use Spamvilla. People complain about the customer support but that's the only problem with the service.
  • radrad
    edited January 2015
    i have been using spamvilla for the past 6 months, and signed up to try EVE, 
    a month ago, and was immediately blown away with the success rate. He is 
    suppose to be coming out with unlimited monthly plans anytime soon. That 
    was the only down fall, had to buy chunks at a time, but with the unlimited plan
    it will be a no brainor. 

    Not only was the success rate unbelievable, but the speed. i am always around.
    0.616 avg time, try to beat that! spamvilla always 4.00 or higher and clunky

    First thing i noticed, gsa ran faster and smoother, i had to keep stopping captcha
    breaker because i couldnt keep up with the recaptcha watching, i put it to the test, 
    went back and looked at the recaptchas and started seeing lots of solved manually,
    did that for about 30 mins, stopped every 5 mins. then i let it run, now, i notcied
    tons of articles , drupals, wikis, being built one after the other. was a big shocker 
    seeing not just blog comments, php, and trackbaks, social bookmarks, being built.
    but a nice mix of articles, videos, wikis, etc at a rapid pace. 

    Would love for anyone who has captchatronix to go try eve's free credits to try out
    and report back on stats. i havent tried captchatronix, but would love for someone to 
    to go try it out for the free credits and let me know. 

    I was running reverse proxies ocr and spamvilla for the past 6 months, and they are 
    basically the same in performance. I would say a REAL solve rate at about 20 to 25
    percent solve rate. I would say EVE is about a REAL 40-45 percent solve rate. 

  • I have to agree with @rad, I used spamvilla (good but too unreliable and TERRIBLE customer support), switched to Eve but cost was high, although I think I had it set up wrongly :). Have used Captchatronix for the past month, service is nice and stable but if you watch its solutions via captcha breaker, most of them are wrong. Went back to Eve where I had some credits left and I can confirm that Eve is faster and more accurate in their results.
  • I tested them all out, except for captchatronix. eve hands down!
  • What are the prices for eve. I went to therir site and could not find them.
  • edited January 2015
    for eve
    0.5 USD per 1000 SOLVES

  • Wait for his blog post to be updated with unlimited monthly plans. Go try out the free credits when you sign up for a free account.
  • Thank you for such a good feedbacks :) Unlimited plans are available 
  • eveeve
    edited January 2015

    Try out  my new ReCaptcha Solver with Monthly Prices

  • Hey guys,

    Our new update coming today will make all rest services outdated for recaptcha solving ;)
    wait for announcement via email and our sales thread as well solving is faster then any other service with new udpdate and accuracy too !!!

  • ^^ Are you making changes in the support department ?
  • I use antigate and EVE. Antigate is expensive but worth it on T1s.
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