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Should I get a VPS which is close to me location-wise?

I'm thinking of moving from Berman to OVH for my VPS. Seems like I can get double the power for cheaper.

But I just saw that I can get an EU based VPS or a CA based one (I live in the UK). Since I'm using proxies, my assumption is that it's better to have a physically closer server for connection between me and it, and the proxies will still do US-based links. Is that correct?



  • ronron
    I use EU based servers. The key is to get proxies from that is critical for speed. The last thing you want is proxies half way across the globe as it will add an unbelievable amount of time to connecting to targets.

    The most ideal scenario is to have a minimum geographic distance between you and the server as it makes the RDP session much better. But this is secondary in importance in my opinion. For me, it is about cost and performance of the vps/dedi.
  • Hey thanks for the comment, Ron. I hadn't thought of that aspect of the proxy to server location speed relationship.

    Well if I'm trying to rank in the US, I thought I should be using US proxies?

    Are you saying that if I get an EU server, although I myself will connect fast to it, the proxies and GSA will be very slow?
  • Proxies are gateways for your dedi/vps. You want to keep the distance between them and your vps/dedi as close as possible. You do not have to be close to the vps though with your machine , but like Ron said it will increase the quality of RDP connection. so let's give this an example:

    you in EU , vps in EU, proxies in EU, targets in EU -> Great
    you in EU , vps in US, proxies in US, targets in US -> Good

    BAD scenario:

    you in EU, VPS in US, Proxies in EU, Targets in US :)
  • ronron
    edited January 2015
    @Arizor8 - There are two concerns, and the first one is way more important to you. Let me explain...

    1) Your proxies must always match the server location to the best of your ability.

    For example, I live in the U.S. myself. I had a VPS in the U.S. about a year and a half ago, and I switched to a dedi with Green Cloud.  The problem was that the dedi was located in France.

    I still had my proxies from BuyProxies, but as you would have expected, my proxies were still U.S. based. So I kept the proxies and I ran with it. Holy crap! Instead of the proxies testing out at a speed of less than 1 second, my proxies were averaging over 3 seconds!!!!! Do you realize what that does to your SER results? You lose 2/3 productivity!!!!!!!!!!! You only make 1/3 of the links because it is 3X slower.

    So I contacted BuyProxies and switched to EU proxies, and my average proxy response is now .3 seconds!! 10X faster proxies!!!

    2) Your RDP session (how you connect to the server) slows down the further you are physically away from the server. I'm not a super technical person, but that distance can cause more 'slow screens' and 'slow responsiveness' if you were sitting there trying to make changes to projects, for example.

    The truth is that it really has been a 'non-factor'. It is a little slower for me (US to France), but it isn't that bad. Certainly not worth giving up that sweet dedi I have in France.

    So this would not be a cause of concern for me unless I had serious RDP issues. You likely will have no issues.

    I hope that clears it up.


  • Thank you both for the replies! That's added a lot of clarity :)

    Just as my last question, and I think Ron may've already implied the answer, what about the relationship of your proxies to your targets?

    I kind of assumed I should have US proxies if I'm wanting to rank properties in (vs etc). However @Ron is using the French dedi and EU proxies, and lives in the US (and so I assume wants to rank in US).

    Am I to conclude it doesn't matter where your proxies are for the targets? Or perhaps it only matters for ranking in local serps?
  • why would proxies matter where you want to rank?

  • ronron
    @Arizor8 - Oh ok, you were getting hung up on that. No need to hang. There is no relationship between server/proxy location and where you are trying to rank. None whatsoever.

    However, there is a relationship between ranking in a country - and having the hosting of your website in that country.

    Other than that, you don't need to worry about anything.
  • Ok thank you, much appreciated guys! :)
  • Arizor8

    When it comes to VPS cores != cores.
    Ovh for their VPS use Amd Opteron cpus - these are good for vps providers because of many cores. Price per sore is low and ovh can provide many cores for cheap price, but this cores have low performance.

    For example ovh for vps use this cpus:
    Vmware Esxi (thats what ovh use for virtualization) see this dual cpu as 16 real cores. This cpu when it comes to performance (according to cpu benchmark) is equal to this cpu :
    (Vmware see this cpu as 6 cores)

    So with ovh you can get many cores for cheap, but this cores wont be fast so dont think 2 times more cores mean more cpu power. Also with Vmware Esxi its possible to assign same cores to multiple cpus, so its possible that you will share cores with others.

    Ovh is strictly monitoring their network, if you (for example) run simple proxy checker on their network with many threads you will get vps/dedi suspended. I had problems with this, my firend also (he was using Ser proxy checker).

    Better buy vps from providers on this forum.

  • ronron
    edited January 2015
    ^^Great point that @satyr85 makes there.

    I just want to add this point. I know most people are on a budget, and I know most people will shy away from a dedi as opposed to a vps because of cost. But the cost of a dedi has come down massively in the past year. It has come down about 70% compared to a year ago. I pay GreenCloud $80/mth for their FR3.

    You might wonder why would I want a dedi, and what is so special about it. Well, the truth is that a dedi can be exponentially faster and create way more links than a VPS. Most VPS's are shared big time, and to be quite honest, I can't stand them. The processor that is my favorite by far is the Xeon processor. It is a powerful-ass processor when it come to SER. I can literally fire up 150 projects at the same time with no issue whatsoever. A VPS could never do that. And that is why I picked the GreenCloud FR3. Just as an fyi.
  • Arizor8Arizor8 England
    edited January 2015
    Hmm alright then perhaps I'm not done with my questions lol. I didn't realise there was so much nuance to the servers! Once again thank you for these insights :)

    @satyr85 For the last month I'd been using a Berman Hosting VPS Extra. $28.99/m with 2 cores. I saw the OVH VPS Cloud 2 and thought it'd be double the power for less money. Is there a nuance there I'm missing? I get that it may not be as powerful as other servers but relative to the Berman, is it better? Either way I guess I'm making a suboptimal choice.

    I'm not a power user of GSA atm. Only moderate/low level so far but my usage may increase soon, and I liked that I could scale up easily on OVH, but I'm more than willing to defer to the experts if you have recommendations for me :)

    @ron I do see GreenCloud have a $50/m dedi in France. I guess that is an option? I'm not on an particularly tight budget (am actually doing 5-figures/m already lol), only that I'm not experienced enough with GSA and SEO softwares to feel the need for a powerful server yet.

    So yes, any recommendations in particular? Are there perhaps some companies that provide dedis for a similar price as mid-low range VPS but work out as better because of "having it all to yourself"? Thanks.
  • ronron
    edited January 2015
    @Arizor8 - I haven't looked at them in quite a while...alright - you made me look.

    No, you do not want that one. You want a Xeon, particularly the 1200 series. That starts with FR3. 

    p.s. It doesn't have to be in France. If you can get that unit in any country, like the U.S., you will be all good. Just match up the proxies to the location of the server as best you can.
  • Arizor8Arizor8 England
    edited January 2015
    Ok thanks for the advice, @Ron.

    If I only wanted to spend $30ish per month while Im still getting used to GSA, who and what would you recommend? I feel stupid getting such a good server with capacity for 150 projects when I barely run 2 at a time lol.

    Perhaps I'll just get a GreenCloud SEO optimised VPS for now lol. Not sure.
  • ronron
    @Arizor8 - Oh, if that is all you are going to do, then yeah, get their SEO-VPS. You won't need any more power than that.
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