how important is CPU benchmark? when buying a dedi?

i'm going to buy a cheap dedicated server because lot of people says it's far better than vps

i'm considering offers in and

but my question is regarding selecting from 2 specific servers.
Dedibox® XC (8 cores/8 threads 2.4 Ghz) ( score 3929)
Dedibox® Classic 2014 v2 (4 cores/4 threads @3.1 Ghz) ( score 6517)

links are below

8 core one is cheaper.
probably 4 core one is generally better because high score and high price.
but i was wandering, may be benchmark doesn't matter  and there is a chance GSA will perform better on 8 core one, because GSA SER is macro based(or something) and benchmard is calculated for scientific calculations, encryption, compression etc. Right?

does any one know about it?
if benchmark doesn't matter, this is a huge bargain 8 cores 8 threads dedi for about 20USD.


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    Answering your question - cpubenchmark is very important and its only way to tell if CPU is fast or not. You should choose cpu with better score. For some hardcore tasks more cores can be better, but not for SER. So Xeon 1220v2 is better choice than C2750 cpu. 8 cores for 20 usd is not bargian. This cpu is very low end, low power, etc. I dont think SER will perform better on this cpu.

    Take a look at section "operating systems" on page. It looks like you cant install Windows via online installer so better ask them about Windows OS before you buy server.
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    so Ghz value and number of cores can be misleading?
    had not hear that before.
    and when looking at benchmark scores, Intel® Xeon® E3 1230 v3 is even better than 1220v2 right? (for price)

    may be i should, invest a little more and get one of those.

    thanks for sharing your experience.
  • 8-core Intel Atom?! First time i see this one.
    For runing SER, defenetly is Xeon better choice than Atom cpu.
    This is like if you are comparing Celeron vs Core i5 or i7.
    I guess Atom should be good enough for hosting solution. Previus vrsion of Atom cpu were used mostly for HTPC, multimedia pc, car PC,..

  • When you buy dedi for SER you should focus only on cpubenchmark (unless you really know what you do, what you need etc.). Ofc number of cores and Ghz can be misleading - its obvious for everyone who knows this stuff that more cores / ghz dont always mean better performance.

    For example these 2 cpus (same number of cores, same Ghz per core) but cpubenchmark is different:

    Another example (same number of cores, similar ghz):

    Xeon 1230v3 server ( offer) have KVM. This mean you can reboot (hard reboot) your server, reinstall etc, its more than useful. In other DCs kvm cost $50-100 a month alone.
  • thanks guys for your valuable insight!

    Xeon 1230v3 it is. B-)
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