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A full guide from scratch to setting up GSA Campaigns after penguin 3.0

Hi! I've tested almost everything with GSA and i simply cannot find any way to actually rank websites.
I have ALL the tools to rank it, but i just don't know what to do..

I need a full GSA guide, so if anyone has one or seen one please link it here!
(I have searched a lot, but i can't find one after penguin 3.0


  • I'm on the same situation of you!
    I'm using Ser since almost 1 year, I tried many different strategies using every type of tool, but the only good ranked websites I have now I've done them before to buy Ser, and I'm still getting a living from that old websites. The websites I'm trying to rank with Ser simply don't rank at all.

    I'm not selling the fault is of Ser, I'm just saying that is not so easy to set a good strategy or scheme that works.
    The tips everyone give here in the forum often are very different one from the others, so the only way is to test them all, and this is what I'm doing.

    First strategy I used it was using only Ser for also T1, but the quality of links for T1 is not enough good. Stopped.

    Now I just stopped another strategy because it wasn't working as well (I think I read it from jacobking maybe, it was creating a few - around 5 or a few more - webs 2.0 and blasting them with 100,000 links/month to get super-high link juice) but I had no results. I think 5 are not enough, even if I was blasting 10 webs per site.

    Now I'm starting another one strategy I was reading on the FCS forum, it seems much better, with much more webs 2.0 and less links to each one.

    So I think you won't find a perfect guide online, there are only a wide range of schemes, you just have to try and try and try, until you find your gold mine :-)
  • All the advice I found on internetz or this forum, simple didn't worked. The things which worked for me were those which people were saying will never work. I would say, just stop reading and start doing what seems good to you. The best way to find a wining strategy :)
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    umerjutt00 , good point of view!

    Sometime I also think that some "tips" I read here on the forum are deliberately fake eh eh!

  • shaunshaun
    I have managed to get to page two with a keyword, keeps dancing between page 1 and page 2 but can't get it to settle.

    Still experimenting.
  • Man I miss the days when ranking on google was so easy. Just spam a gazillion forum profiles, build some high PR links, and start banking... :(
  • I miss those days as well when ranking was easy but then let see how it goes
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    I'm close to giving up with GSA myself.

    Bought the lists, tried pumping juice through only my dofollow exact match anchors, but not much success yet.
  • This days ranking with gsa is as difficult as you can think
  • Ranking is not just building links. First of all you need good content and on page seo. Try to investigate the top 10 google results for your desired keyword, study them in terms of content, keyword density and links they have. Only when you done those steps decided what links and how many you would need to rank your keyword and remember, ranking overnight is a thing of the past. When building T1 links take care and build only relevant links to your site, and watch your anchor text ratio (study the top ten results for that).

  • Investigating the top 10 often brings you nowhere, most top rankings are going to big companies, if you're in local niches the top 4/6 goes to yelp or angielist, so happy investigating the obvious (they pay Google) 

     I have done some testing with articles that were not unique but very readable, where i only spin the content surrounding the link and guess what, most of my article links stay on the website and my site is getting a nice TF and rankings. 

    I quit gibberish articles that are 90% unique but unreadable all together now, cus these links won't stick anyway (giving you no rankings) i have a link retention of 85% now, also a lot of links are natural because a lot of these sites we are spamming are moderated.

    Its like old fashioned article marketing...


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