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Index Backlog with Redirect Pro

I have just the redirect pro and the the GSA index running on a VPS server. 

The indexer is really slowing up the performance of Redirect. I have set index tool to fast indexing and have increased to 500 threads, but it will not go past 51 lpm. 

Any suggestions?


  • I also have this issue . . .
  • SvenSven
    whats the cpu usage?
  • CPU for me is usually around 30% but I can't make it any more becaise it means I can't work on the computer

    My problem is that using Indexer and Redirect, AND GSA SER all night, the number of backlinks to be processed just keeps getting bigger and bigger. It's up to 35,000+ and rising . . .
  • SvenSven
    use the quick indexer then!?
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