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GSA ser run very slow

edited November 2014 in Need Help

I am running 6 projects.  I got a dedicated server with Xeon E3-1240, 4 cores with 8 threads, and 24G Rams.  Also I have 30 private proxies from Buyproxies, and I set 300 threads.I imported around 1 million url list, randomize and split it. 

The problem comes out. At the first 1-2 minutes, ser was running very fast and the CPU usage was around 50%, which I think it is normal.  but after that, ser was slowing down.  The threads kept 300 unchanged, but the CPU usage went down to 3%, 2% and sometimes 0% and I think ser was running and posting one by one.  I checked the ser log, very slow.  

Then I tried a couple ways to see if the problem could be solved, but the problem remained the same.
1) I removed the duplicate domains from the list. 
2) I Skipped to post the subdomain in "option".  

@Sven Do you know what happened on my project?   

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Modified:  I imported the list to do identification.  Then I imported the "identification" folder, now it is getting faster.  The CPU usage keeps around 10-15%, sometimes it goes down under 10%.   But I am running 300 threads, and I think it is not normal.  My dedicated server is not powerful.  It should be around 50% usage.

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    Very odd. I have a cheapo VPS with 2GB ram and half ass processor. 110 proxies with 500 threads. I have 10 projects running. 5 Contextual projects with 100k+ imported urls and 5 junk projects with 600k-1.5M imported urls. My projects run smooth 95% of the day besides the occasional hangup with 1.2-1.5 GB RAM usage and 90% CPU (shitty cpu).

    I have no clue what your settings look like but one tip that can DRASTICALLY increase the performance of SER (if you've processed a lot of urls already) is deleting old unused accounts by right clicking the project and clicking Modify->Delete Unused Accounts.
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    From looking at your settings I can't see what would be causing it to be honest. If I had to guess I would think it would be either a proxy issue or something wrong on your  dedi machine and not something to do with SER. I guess just wait for the experts to chime in and see if they can help.

    ........... and just a FYI ....... your 1st two links show your project name .... might wanna edit that out and replace the links for others to look at


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