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V8.03 Proxy rotation seems to be broken Google is banning proxies for repeated hits from same IP

I have over 100 proxies and am watching the log show many attempts and fails to use the same single proxy on google until it triggers a ban and fails.
When GSA stops due to no proxies not banned I wait and reset them then run it again and watch it do the exact same thing killing each proxy one at a time with no rotation.

02:26:47: [-] 00360/60617 download failed (proxy: -
02:26:47: [-] 00361/60617 download failed (proxy: -
02:26:47: [-] 00362/60617 download failed (proxy: -
02:26:47: [-] 00363/60619 download failed (proxy: -
02:26:47: [-] 00364/60617 download failed (proxy: -
02:26:47: [-] 00365/60616 download failed (proxy: -
02:26:47: [-] 00366/60575 download failed (proxy: -


  • These are all semi dedicated proxies that were working fine before the last update
  • SvenSven
    You have send that in a bugreport as well right? Sorry but nothing really changed on proxy rotation. Though I can see the same proxy is used ... maybe just one was active when that log was made?
  • Yes I sent the bug report.,was sharing it here in case others are having the same issue and it may be proxies.
    I have contacted the proxy supplier and changed the proxies with three different sets since I posted this.

    Still seeing the same issue with bans.

    I'm wondering if Google has turned up the sensitivity on temporarily banning proxies 
  • I just want to update here that the issue was in fact the proxies and NOT anyhting to do with GSA.
    It was hard to beleive I hae tried 250-300 semi dedicated proxies and they were all prebanned.
    Seems Google and other search engines as well as some hosts had updated thier ip blacklists
  • SvenSven
    Thanks for getting back to me :) And Im sorry for your trouble.
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