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how to deal with the imported list

hi dear friend,

i am new to gsa,i have imported my own articles list.i can see the "awaiting account verification".when the email verification links confirmed,is it available to post the articles automatic?or how long it will post to?because it seem the confirm link are confirmed for many hours,but the submitted always shows:"awaiting account verification"

by the way,if i import the account data to from one project to another project with "import targe url" functiom,will gsa post the articles with the imported account data?


  • SvenSven

    it will always create new accounts if you just import accounts as it does not know the accounts. However you can import accounts as well when editing projects->tools->import->account data.

    When accounts are verified on emails, it saves the data and continues to post to them after verification is done.

  • thanks for your reply.if the account verified on email,does the grey status "awaiting account verification" go?and show the transparent as others,such as blog comment?
  • SvenSven
    It's like this: If a verification link was found or account data was found in emails, that site is added to the list of "next to submit sites". The status of that site however is not changeing unless the login was successful and then it is removed.
  • that is ok. thanks your answer.
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