GSA Indexer 1.80 not picking up sites from SER

Looks like the indexer is not receiving the verified links from SER. I am running 1.80 indexer and 8.05 SER. I checked proxies, closed and re-opened and even manually sent from SER but nothing. There is an update available for SER so I will try that now but...

I see 1 site pop up in the indexer every once in a while but should be about 100 a minute instead of 1 per min showing up in the indexer.


  • Updated SER to 8.07 and its working now.
  • Accepted Answer
    same issue here, used to work until I updated to 20.
  • SvenSven
    you mean sending it manually doesn't even work for you?
  • Accepted Answer
    the only way it works is by pasting in the indexer window or by adding each url manually, from the add url menu

    it doesnt work anymore by right clicking in SER - index/ping selected url and even though I enabled in options-send verified link to indexer service
  • SvenSven
    works for me!?
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