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High PR or High DA/PA ?

I have 2 questions and i don't have time to test or money to spend so i hope someone can help me out with some answers.

I'm going to buy some links, i have the option to buy a PR4 link on a very crappy website with low PA/DA and low majestic trust flow as well - or to buy a PR2 or PR3 link on a high DA/PA (around 30) page; both links would be contextual - which one is better for ranking, the PR4 or the lower PR but higher DA/PA ?

I also have the option to buy 2 expired domains: one is PR4 with very few links (20-30 links) and a low DA/PA (around 10) and the other is a PR2 with more links (around 100) and higher DA/PA (around 20-25). Which one is better?

I'm asking this because lots of people say check the DA/PA as well, but as far as i know google only uses their page rank - and the other signals (DA/PA, Majestic Trust Flow or Ahrefs rank - are not consistent).

So which one is a better indicator? PR or DA/PA? Or maybe even Trust Flow or Ahrefs Rank?


  • What you've got to remember is that all these are just an indicator and you should look at other things like the history of the site, it's age, other links to it, pages indexed etc etc etc.

    If you forced me to answer, then personally, I would probably value any of the other measurements more than PR nowadays.

  • I know all of these are indicators and none of them can be 100% trusted, but the thing is none of them are really consistent.

    I analyzed a website and i get:
    - PR3
    - Moz PA/DA around 45
    - Majestic Trust Flow 12
    - Ahrefs Rank 21

    And the thing is, if i'm buying links, how would i know which one is better is these indicators are so different i don't know which one to trust?

    Which one should i trust?
  • goonergooner
    Trust PA/DA... at the next PR update the PR could change to 0.

    PA/DA is more consistent, more regularly updated and better all round indicator.
    Majestic trust flow is a good indicator too.
  • how to check PA/DA?

  • ronron
    edited March 2014
    Moz and ahrefs
  • PR is what should go for. PA/DA is very easily manipulated and google does not take into account those values. Just make sure the backlinks to the domain warrant the current PR of the domain you are buying.
  • Honestly, I would take into account ALL metrics. High PR with lots of diverse links and good DA/PA is the golden ticket. Those domains usually aren't cheap though. I have a small PR network and was able to hit #2 for a pretty big KW off just one homepage link. 1,000 UVs/day. No shit. lol. 
  • According to me just go for good DA for long term..high domain authority can get easily rank your all posts.
  • I would look for a decent balance of all metrics. PR ,though deemed as something as not that important, is still an internal Google metric and worth shooting for
  • haryonoharyono in your heart
    Choose these:
    Class C + PR or Class C + DA or Class C + PA or Class C + relevant
  • MorphManMorphMan British Expat lost in S.E Asia
    ^^ :-/ ^^
  • @dvolker: I would be looking for sites that:
    1. Are niche relevant if possible. Niche relevant sites are way more powerful than generic blogs.
    2. Where there isn't a big split between Majestic's Trust Flow and Citation Flow. I generally would not want Trust Flow to be less than 75% of Citation Flow. Ex: TF: 45, CF: 60. Anything bigger than that may be on the verge of being penalized. A spammed site would look like this: TF: 5, CF: 33. If you see this, run far, run fast.

    The challenge with SER is that you can't fake trust. In order to balance out your link profile, you need to have at least a few links with high trust flow in order to get ranked, and you just won't get that with SER.

    If deciding between PA/DA and PR, flip a coin. There are tons of sites with high DA that are blacklisted, and @gooner is correct when he says that PR is only distributed by Google a few times per year. 

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