Major Bug since Version 8.02

Note: This happens every time.

After 1 hour of running the project, the project is always stuck up at 1 running threads.
Please refer to the image below:
@ Picture: GSA SER is not doing anything. My last verified URLs was 4 hours ago @_@

That will remain forever unless you stop the project, restart GSA SER, and start it again -.-
Anyone else experiencing this? Please leave your opinion. Thanks!


  • SvenSven
    Didn't had this no. What you can do next time when it happens is, sending a bugreport using the Help menu. Make a note to this thread so I know where to reply.
  • @Sven: Sent you a bug report.
  • SvenSven
    Got it. All I see is that it's trying to download a URL content and is stuck in there. Thats however a windows dll call. A DNSQuery where I have no ifluence at all. All I can imagine now is that some firewall or some other program is intercepting that call and blocks it. So SER can not stop this at all.
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    @Sven: Like a firewall or something? My firewall is always turned off. I have no anti-virus installed or any software that can block applications. Only SER and CB are installed in my VPS.

    I stopped the project, restart SER, and start the project again. After 4 hours of running, everything still works fine. Looks like an isolated case or something. Weird :(
  • Same here as ohohRaii - nothing installed except for CS and GSA, same problem
  • SvenSven
    and it's a legal CS version?
  • Yeah - i have the license for both on file if needed
  • Same exact problem here. No firewall/antivirus at all on the vps. I Went back to 7.98 to overcome this problem. I think it's very hard to debug and only happens on some systems that's why @Sven can't find where is the problem. @accelerator_dd @ohohRaii please guys post what are you using with SER / windows version ..etc so Sven can get what is happening on our machines. I have a VPS from solidseopvps 2 gig ram / windows 2008 / spamvilla first captcha solver / CS 4.5 as second captcha solver / the incredible indexer api is used / 30 semi proxies form solidseopvps. Maybe we can find what is common among our machines.
  • @mamadou Please PM me a link to the older version.

    I sent two separate bugreports and I am sure Sven will figure it out and we'll be back to blasting the usual way.
  • @accelerator_dd .. pm sent... @Sven...I upgraded to 8.07 and SER freezed again. Sent you a bug report. Threads are 0 ..cpu is 0% although the project is active but SER is not doing anything for 2 hours!!!
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    @mamadou same here
  • @spammasta ... Please try to send bugreports from help menu so @Sven can figure out what is the cause of this. Do the bugreport when SER is stuck and don't do anything.
  • did you guys check if program is not testing proxies same time?
  • @emilio9 .. I don't set SER to test any proxies. I do these tests manually from time to time.
  • steelbonesteelbone Outside of Boston
    something is up for getting hardly any links....i always get a shit load...proxies are fine
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