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What is Recaptcha Contextuals & OCR / Recaptcha Targets

I was looking at purchasing this list

the red one: at the bottom it says:


ser lists sitelists75,000+ unique targets
ser lists sitelistsApprox. 3,000 OCR / Recaptcha Contextuals
ser lists sitelists25,000 OCR / Recaptcha Targets in each list
ser lists sitelistsRemaining targets solved with GSA-CB
ser lists sitelistsPro Level – Only $49.99

WTF is OCR / Recaptcha Contextuals & OCR / Recaptcha Targets ???

What would I use it for? Is it some kind of list I import (if so where do I import it) to improve my captcha stats?

Do I need a specific add on to use it? I currently only have Captcha Sniper.

Best Answers

  • goonergooner
    Accepted Answer
    Recaptcha is a type of captcha that Captcha Sniper and Captcha Breaker can't solve.

    You would need an extra service to solve these captchas, like Reverse Proxy OCR or Spamvilla or Eve,which you can find on this forum, or you could buy the blue list which doesn't require Recaptcha

    Many contextual engines in SER require Recaptcha so that's why it's included as a separate list.

    Either way, the red and blue lists are sold out at the moment but feel free to sign up for updates on that site and you'll be notified when a new list is available (Probably at the weekend).
  • goonergooner
    Accepted Answer
    No probs John,

    The Red list (with Recaptcha) is designed for power users that need massive amount of links.
    So, if that doesn't apply to you then the blue list (with just Captcha Breaker or Captcha Sniper) will work just fine for you.

    But i should mention, Recapctha OCR services are a set fee for unlimited captcha solves. So it would actually cost you a fixed price of around $20/month on the lowest level for their service.

    Hope that helps mate.
  • Accepted Answer
    you can rent our recaptcha ocr package every package comes with unlimited solving here is the sales page running with more the 600 clients universal ocr coming up too


  • That's great. Thanks for your reply.

    Now, lets say I get Eve.... and I had bought the blue list - would I import those 3k / 25k recaptcha into eve some how and then save money by not having to pay any thing - every time one of those 28k recaptcha were shown to GSA?

  • goonergooner
    No problem.

    Once you have a Recaptcha OCR (Eve or any of the others), you add your details in SER and whenever SER comes across Recaptcha it automatically sends it to Eve.

    You don't have to import lists separately or do anything else. SER/Eve take care of it automatically :)
  • Ohhhh I see... so basically the 3k OCR and 25k OCR recaptcha targets just means out of your list, there will be at least 28k targets that will require some sort of OCR software.... Aaaaa okay

    Cheers m8

    Is it worth getting a OCR subscription and paying $0.5 - $2 per 1000 captchas  Or is GSA Captcha breaker enough to spam (I'm currently just using CS and it works fine - I manage to build 5-10k verified links per day - I have a feeling I could at least triple that with a better captcha solver thats why I am thinking of getting GSA Captcha Breaker).

    That's my last question - I thank you for your time.

    Kind Regards John
  • Thank you both, especially mr gooner - I'll be checking out your previous posts - I'm sure they are full of golden nuggets.

  • Spamvilla when is your universal ocr coming out. And what does it exactly do.

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