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Website drops rank immediately after using GSA

Hi Guys,

I was able to rank sites before with GSA with no problem and my sites was getting penalties after several months but last 2 months after i start blasting my tier 1 and 2 links my sites gets penalty after couple of days.

I don't blast it to much, just 1 or 2 k verified.Yesterday i put my several month site (his tier 1 and tier 2 backlinks) which was getting cca 1000 hits from google and rising 20,30 new ones a day in GSA to speed up the processes but today site disappear from google , this is now 17 in a row.

I have private proxies, emails form banditIM, serengines addon, i use bermanhosting VPS and my main anchor text is used about 30%, I used new servers,new domains, and even bought some old PR domains from godaddy auctions and always getting the same result and can't find the solution.I was able to rank sites in a week in quite competitive niches without a problem.

I was searching a net last sever days and can't find any solution


  • I see people blasting their site directly and have no problems for months, even some recovering from penalty after a month or two using GSA
  • main anchor 30%?? You are killing your site. Lower it to 3-5% max
  • If you suddenly blast a site with a couple of thousand backlinks they often disappear from the serps for a couple of days whilst google re-evaluates where to put you. The same thing also tends to happen if you build links heavily to your lower tiers as well.

    I'd be very surprised if a 1-2k blast of links would sink your site completely, although if they were all indexed in the same day, then you could end up getting filtered down to page 10+ for a few weeks.

    "If it goes down its a dance, and if it stays down its a penalty" lol
  • I'm not spamming my site directly, only tier 1 and 2 backlinks . I make tier 1 by hand and are high quality.

    I will try on few campaigns to lover my main keyword to 3-5 %, but i can see many websites spamming directly with gsa with 30 % main keyword and are on top for months with no problems at all.

    My sites where up to until 2,3 months ago (i only blast my tier links not my money site) , when i do my tier links by hand i also have cca 30,40 % my main keyword and my sites ranks with no problem but only much slower.

  • What I'll say is wait a few days, possibly after one week before you make any permanent decisions. It could be just a dance.

    I blasted my tier 1 links with default GSA list/links. My main keyword simply vanished off Google for about 8 days. Then it reappeared 4 places higher to number 3 page 1. It danced a little for a few days before finally settling at #3 page 1.

    So my suggestion is to wait a little.
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    Maybe this is from your anchors/keywords used in SER. How many dou you use, are you using partial match, some variations etc?
  • @MITBrain Some sites are old 2 months and it really obvious when site gets a penalty.

    @meph not much, only a few, i use most of the time partial match, secondary anchor, generic and domain anchor all the time.

    I'm making 3 more sites at the moment, they should be alive tomorrow if i get my articles today and planning to test directly backlinking and tier backlinking with diversified keywords to see what will happen.

    Only thing i can't get my head around why some sites are ranking for months with direct backlinking and more than 30% main keywords in anchors and i know for a fact that they use GSA.

    How many verified links per day you guys recommend?
  • There are other mechanisms at play besides anchor text ratios when trying to wrap your head around why some sites can rank with higher % of main anchors than others. Niche relevancy of incoming links, TrustRank of incoming links, trust thresholds, etc. Sites with a higher level of trust can get away with more optimization.
  • Take a look at what the top ten is doing and mimic. If you're looking for longer term rankings, it'll be a good idea not to stick out like an eye sore in that particular serps. 

    Your competitors all have 800 backlinks.
    But you come in with 300,000 backlinks. 
    (Your competition and manual reviews is going to easily see this)

    And if you aren't sticking out like a sore thumb, your competitors might be reporting your site. 
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