Anyone have version 8.00 or 8.01 ? Please upload it!

Anyone have version 8.00 or 8.01 ? Please share it asap. Thanks.


  • Thank you!
  • mamadou 
     is working fast and everything all right on 8.00 ?
  • Yes, it works
  • ronron
    @mamadou - Fyi, the newest SER version v8.04 is screaming like its pants are on fire, lol. I know v8.02 had some problems, but Sven fixed it beautifully.
  • @ron .. for me 8.04 , 8.05 , 8.06 are a REAL pain in the neck!. I didn't change any settings / list ..etc whatever. Just upgraded and the pain begins. Even 8.00 Same problem!
  • SvenSven
    @mamadou provide more details please. I can't see any bugreports from people coming in.
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    @mamadou I also noticed problem, for me 8.07 means nothing but lower lpm, however I haven't changed anything, I was like 50 yesterday and now it's like 30 and goes down. I've seen a thread for users using VPS and had a quick look at it and will go through it carefully and implement tips some guys gave there tommorow
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    @Sven .. for me the problem is that SER stops in the verification process no error messages ( even in the debug window ) CPU 0% / threads 1 or 2 and just stop like this for ages ! , when I stop the project and re-start it again everything works as expected then it stops again in the verification process!!! , also CS freezes a lot... I didn't change anything..Now I got version 7.98 and all the SER/CS problems are gone!. I'm using the incredible indexer btw ( sometimes I see the freeze when the ping for indexer starts ).
  • SvenSven
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    @mamadou create abugreport when you think it should do something but doesn't seem to do it (help menu->send bugreport). Make a note to this thread.
  • @Sven ..ok , I will. Does this collect some current debug info and send it to you ?
  • SvenSven
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    yes of course...thats the whole point of a bugreport ;)
  • mamadou is there any chance you could upload a copy of 7.98? I have problems too with any 8.xx version.
  • Hi Sven - Looks like it gets stuck on the verification part and when i shut GSA down and start it again, the stats are a bit off - if it was 10k verified before turning it off, after I start it it's 8-9k (all done within the last few hours). Next time I'll send a bugreport as well
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