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I have questions about GSA SER

Hey guys, great forum and I just really started learning GSA SER around 3 months ago when I purchased it and I kinda just put it down because I was just to pussy to build back links to my site as I was worried about it getting it tanked.
I have been earning money through social media (amazon) but its not consistent, and I really just want to start ranking because there is so much potential in my niche and there very very small competition.
I want to be comfortable using SER as I know it is a really powerful tool but I want to get it right the first time with out getting slammed by the G.
The fear with me is that I do not know fully how the program works and I just need these questions answered so I can go full speed ahead with this.
I understand SEO its just putting all the right variables into GSA that has got me stumped and a little bit worried.

I am building tier 1 web 2.0 and Wiki links to my Money site and I plan on building 10 - 20 links per day.

1. I have 3 hand spun articles with 3 spun variations per sentence making it 90 -95% unique from each other and I havnt added any backlinks in the spun content.
Will GSA automatically insert links with my selected URLS and Anchor/Keyword as per my settings on the URL field and keyword field in GSA?
If so is this randomised insertion of my anchor text link with in the spun article? or does it automatically detect the keywords with in your spun article and inserts the anchors that way?

2. I plan on diversifying my anchor text and I will have at least 50 - 100 anchors loaded in, which includes the use of partial match anchors, LSI, generic anchor, domain as anchor, secondary anchor, branding anchor, will this be too much diversity to get my site ranked for my 10 targeted keywords I am attempting to rank for?
the 10 keywords I want to rank for are very similar and highly related to each other and yield very similar results in the search engines when manually searching with them.

I have been reading that you have to limit your anchor text to 15%, what does that mean? and how do I perform this with my GSA SER campaigns?

3. As we all know contextual links is a must, how do i automatically insert contextual links into my spun articles using GSA SER? or do I have to do it manually?

Thanks in advance


  • Yes SER insert the link for you, if there is a term in your article that match one of your anchors ser will put your url on that term... if not it will insert a link in the way you set on article manager tab settings: sentence at bottom, sentence in article, just link in article
  • Thanks for the information!
    How about in contextual links? Is this done the same way?
    I noticed on the 'Article Manager' section of GSA there is 'insert 1-2 random URLS for random words'
    I noticed you can put your own URLs where it says 'try to use search engines to find related links' = is this the contextual link section?
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