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Problem with out of memory messages and CPU

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I have two vps from solidseovps. i have the turbo and the screaming ssd. Lately I have had tons of out of memory errors and high cpu usage. The out of memory errors make no sense since I have 12 gb and 8 gb memory respectively on each vps and gsa would be using 2.5 gb and it will get an out of memory error. Also the cpu usage has been abnormally high


  • same here
  • SvenSven
    and that with latest version?
  • @sven yes this is on the latest version
  • for me it crashes very often, with only 30-50 threads, as soon as I start it, it runs for 3-5 seconds and the window disappears! After 10-15 minutes, I get another error, it asks me if I want to continue/stop/restart it and crashes again

    and today crashed like 10 times in 1 hour, Sven, can you post somewhere the version 78 as i couldn't find it? That was the version that worked perfectly for me, everything after that was so frustrating!
  • SvenSven
    @rogerw sorry I don't save old versions. Do you get a bugreport window?
  • @Sven: I will send that when I can see it, right now the window is just gone, nothing to debug, all I did was starting a project, just one!
    So you are updating a version without making backups of older versions, is that correct?

  • +1 on the stable releases . Every version which comes out has one feature working and another ,which was working very well earlier,not working at all.
  • SvenSven
    @rogerw correct
  • edited April 2014
    @sven I just started getting out of memory errors every few hours with the latest version (8.12). I'm running 50 threads on a dedicated server with 32GB RAM. Please advise.

    By the way - the CPU usage on these last few versions has been nice and low. No more CPU issues for me, thanks to your help. Now I just need help with this "out of memory" issue please. Thanks. :)
  • SvenSven
    how many projects do you run and how many threads?
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