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Set / Split number of Types of Links


A great feature would be the ability to set the number of specific types of links or just a simple option that splits them evenly so you get a more natural backlink profile / split.

So if on Tier 1 i have 4 types of links (article, doc share, social bookmark, video)

and my stop is set after 40 verifications, it only posts to each type until it gets 10 verifications from each for that period.

Thanks in advance


  • That would not really look very natural I guess.
  • i think it be much better than getting 80% of 1 type of link ?
  • Why would you think so? Does each article get only one social bookmark? Or maybe every document shared is bookmarked only once? If you enable the engines you will get a natural distribution based on the amount of engines there is ... but if you want to hurt yourself you can always duplicate the project and select different engines for each. Then set the number of submissions a day equal in each.
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