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POSSIBLE BUG IN GSA ! V8.02 - Adress Changed ?

Hello guys ! I want to tell you about a possible bug in GSA 8.02 ! I just updated to it and started to build links as usual . I started on building some Articles + Social Networks + FOrums . It created some profiles in the next Scrips : 

Avarcade : Error in this one :  It puts http:// before my actual adress ! If my adress in GSA PROJECT is , when I check the Website Adress In the profile  link created I see   http://

Thats it for the moment ! I will let the project run for few hours, until I have more links verified ! Will update this topic if I find any other error.


  • that was in previous versions as well but I dont think there is something to fix here
  • SvenSven
    @ghetum thats not really a bug in SER but the engine itself I would say. It just makes a "http://" in front of the URL if it does not find it.
  • Well, problem is it you try to acces http:// from the Profile Page created, it gives error .
  • @Sven: is possible to recognize also https links so it won't add the http in front and ruin the link?
  • SvenSven
    @rogerw its out of my hands. On a field I submit "URL: https://your-project". The site however does not understand https:// and adds a http:// in front as it thinks its no proper URL. It's happening on the server not within SER.
  • got it, the solution for https links is to remove the "s" at the end and the link will be just fine, tested
  • SvenSven
    yes, as said ... nothing SER can do here. I can script it that it always adds http://domain instead of https:// but I just don't want to as this is a bug on the site itself.
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