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cpu 100%

cpu is at 100% on 8.02 . I stoped the program but gsa ser still uses 100% of cpu. It happens on both vpses I updated.


  • Same here.
  • for me, verifying links is killing SER, i had to restart it 5 times, it just stops when I verify links, with 1 or 200 threads, same issue
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    My gsa in stop and have 99% CPU, now i use previous version!
  • @Sven.. Same here. Went back to 8.01.
  • Same here. I logged out of my vps with SER running and now I cant completely access the vps anymore -it just hangs with a black screen. might have to submit a support ticket to reboot if SER doesn't eventually crash.

  • Damn I was just reading this and glanced across at my VPS after thinking mine was not effected.
    It's locked up at CPU 99% :(

    It's not responding to stop projects before shutting down.
  • 95% and messing w my PC - memory leak or somn.
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    Everyone just hang tight until Sven is awake and able to push an update. You can roll back to the previous version by going to your start menu > all programs > gsa search engine ranker > gsa search engine ranker (previous version)
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    This is happening to me also.  I didn't know Sven had added the previous version link in the start menu, that's a great idea!  Thanks for the info @s4ntos.
  • yeah I'm having the same problem. Had to restart SER a few times. btw, is there anyone else working on gsa ser besides the program's creator?
  • yep, going back to 8.01 as well
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    I had the vps provider force reboot my server so I could get back into the vps. I then ran SER old version which I believe was 7.98- 

  • Mine began doing this with version 7.99 and would not update,managed to update to 8.02 and it goes 99% CPU as well but it seem to run ok until GSA Ser switches to Verify mode then goes 99% and locks up

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    Never mind i found the older version
  • it crashes as soon as I start it, with 20 or 100 threads, in 1-2 seconds it crushes.
  • I have problem also cant start GSA no more after 8.02 update :(
  • Same problem here since yesterday and latest update. GSA SER loads 50% of my CPU and get's stucked there with no activity. 
  • me too, CPU 99% at GSA Serp 8.02, please fix now
  • SvenSven
    8.03 fixes it hopefully.
  • CPU load still high, the same for memory usage (v8.03), also you have to wait for a minute to stop a project.
  • SvenSven
    sorry can't reproduce this. And I don't see from the changes I made that could have an influence here.
  • Hi there

    Is working already solid vps with GSA 8.03?

    Thanks in advance

  • is working very well for me, after 2 frustrating days, all back to normal here :)
  • I have the same problem. I am running SER on a dedicated Server with 64GB RAM and enough space on the harddrive. And I have version 8.03 running and I get the Out of Memory message after just a few seconds of starting my projects. I can literally see the Memory Meter in GSA SER go from 150MB to 800MB to 1.6GB and then it hovers around 3.x GB when the Out of Memory message comes.

    Sven: What could be the reason for that? I mean I doubt it is the Server since SER is the only app running and has 32GB available or is it because SER cannot use more then 3.X GB since it is 32bit? If so - do you plan to rewrite it for 64 bit use at all?

    And it was fine with 7.9x. Just so you know.
  • SvenSven
    @Sammy262 send a project backup maybe. All my projects work fine without any memory leak. Must be something on your projects to be honest.
  • @Sven I would but how do I know which one is causing the problem. I hav eit running at 500 threads with just 10 projects and it seems to be fine - memory usage with SER is like 2.6GB. When I add one more project then I get the Out of Memory again.
  • goonergooner
    500 threads with 10 projects casuing 2.6GB usage! Wow something is wrong.
    I can run 150 projects on 800 threads and it doesn't use that much.
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    Yeah ok @gooner that is great info but how do I know what is wrong? Because I do not think that it is the threads.I can increase the threads and nothing happens, but as soon as I increase the active project count then it increases.

    And you have 150 active running projects or do you have 150 active projects but only run 10 to 20 at a time with the scheduler?

    And here is the screenshot:
  • SvenSven
    options->filter->max size to download-> set it to 1MB ... that should help reduce memory on spammed sites.
  • I have set that max filter size to download to 50MB because I want that SER checks against all these blacklist files that are available. When I set it to 1MB it only checks against 1MB of URLs I guess, right?
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