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[Discuss] A special Tiered Linking Building

Hello, EveryOne

I seen this article on the Internet, I feel very interesting, So I forwarded to discuss here.
Imagine you build backlinks for a diet pill review site. You write few articles – then you post few links to it and then you start with massive linking campaigns. However i do have a question : “Isn’t it a little strange that your website is getting massive amount of backlinks with same niche content ?“.

Now assuming that your on-page stats are very good ask yourself do you cover your tracks with general niche backlinks? Don’t you find it weird that suddenly Google is indexing over 2,000 pages a day with content related to “XXX Diet Pills Review” and all of them are tiered linking to your website ? Can this be a footprint ?

Time has come to change the structure of your backlinks and make them appear “General Links“.

General linking is a way of making your links appear very natural through changing their content with every tier. Remember what we are trying to do is prevent Google from reading thousands of pages on Diet pill review and linking them to your backlinks. Follow the tiered linking structure as shown below :


See how cleverly we link to our diet pill site with content from hotels, spa etc.? Though not directly relevant, in tiered linking they make a lot of sense.

The simple reason is when google indexes these content pages they will be added to their own separate databases and hence upstream following will be difficult.


  • This is a great idea and I have been thinking about this type of structure for quite awhile now. I must admit I have got GSA and I have done some trial testing but I am a little scared to tank my websites with some of the advice out there so I have been putting it on hold.
    How do you perform this kind of link building using GSA?
    It seems manually building links this way is the ticket i think. 
  • I've been doing something similar to this for a while now, by becoming less niche as you move up the tiers.

    T1 links would be something link "long red Acme widgets"
    T2 would be red widgets
    T3 would be widgets

  • edited March 2014
    Have you split tested? I respectfully disagree. The reason being Google rewards relevance and uniqueness. I would be more concerned with linking patterns and anchor text diversity.
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