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Link Disavow - Does It Work

Got a few penalties and wondering if a link disavow works to clean up a bad backlink profile?

Anybody have any experience on this?

I can't rebrand the site so need to clean it up so it can recover. 

Hoping to get a few thoughts on this...


  • Yes, it works, but you can't rely on only that to revoke your penalty. You need to also manually remove links and know what type of links to remove.
  • Me too. I really want to hear from someone who had the experience. If I'm only capable of removing a quarter of the links then why bother. It all depends on Disavow. Does someone have hard data or anecdotal success story on Disavow?
  • Do not be stupid and disavow your GSA SER links. This is the most moronic thing you can possibly do. What do you think Google does with those lists of Disavowed links? Lets say the same domain gets disavowed twice that GSA SER created. Now Google has a 95% confidence factor that that domain is crap and should be regarded as such and thus all OBLs from it become worthless. Disavowing is a way to render your site lists 100% useless in time, DON'T do it. You're shooting yourself in the foot.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @Justin - exactly what I was thinking.
  • That makes perfect sense and a lot of gurus think that way. But there should be some folks who do good with Disavow doing the right way. Disavow is multi-million dollar industry maybe and there must be some values. Some sites must have recovered after that.
  • @jesse - Well of course. For a "whitehat" that has a legitimate brand that perhaps hired a less than competent SEO company or even was on the receiving end of some link spammers stray gun (SER being the gun), it's the only hope for them to recover from a penalty or prevent one. There is brand equity involved or else they could just clone the site and start over. Don't fool yourself into thinking that you're going to recover your spammed-by-SER site that has a penalty by disavowing all of the links you built. This is foolish thinking and a time waster x2.
  • Right, if it's a churn and burn style site, just scrap it and build another one. If it's a brandable site, then trying to get a penalty revoked via reconsideration request/disavow form is the way to go.
  • This disavow tool just gives google a massive database of links/cms to nuke during updates. Just keep building your brand in other directions such as forums, ppc, etc. 
  • There is no negative SEO. Disavow links tool is just made for people to believe there is negative SEO.
  • By using the disavow tools, you give the stick to be beaten by google. You give them the links that google would never found to be spammy.
  • Disavow works, and you have to adapt or die.

    I returned top rankings for about 300 domains to this moment, using linkdetox service and disavow tool.

    Sometimes rankings even return within a week!
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    I don't care about people who's servilely repeating famous BHW gurus, but I hate those who suck some popular corporate hype and take everyone's money to the breed that doesn't do the work not even 10%. @Crownvic You suck.
  • @Jesse, I stick with my tests. And I only do SEO for my own money-making sites.

    If you think Google can't filter bad links (in their opinion), than you suck.

    I like to use up to date techniques and my sites bring traffic for years, that's my final target anyway.

    Sure I test churn-and-burn techniques, just for fun, and have nice results too.

    But c&b is not for a long run, and I don't like to hire more people (and manage them loosing my time), for another $10k/month chump change (at least for me in terms of time).
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @crownvic - you use up to date techniques, could you point me in the right direction so I have an idea what you're talking about here.
  • @bloupbloup yet again you're wrong. Negative SEO does exist. Please stop polluting the forum with your unfounded ideas.
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    There are two things that matter for anybody to really know as to Disavow.
    A) When G processes the disavow request e.g. between a week and a month.
    B) What's the variables... meaning to what kinds of Disavow G give favors and what kind of requests G don't ever bother.

    Some should do the A/B testing because you guys are always A/B testing for innovation purposes.
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