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Scheduled posting on social bookmarks goes into endless loop

edited March 2014 in Bugs
@Sven - Under project -> options ->"scheduled posting" there is an option - "allow posting on same site again". When I check it to get more accounts on social bookmarks I get an endless loop of "possible new target urls from present accounts" at some point of the process. This only happens for social bookmarks or for accounts containing social bookmark engines, I have it checked in other projects not containing social bookmarks and this problem never appeared once.

Up till now I always assumed "allow posting on same site again" was an inductor, not an inhibitor. Is it connected to the amount of emails in the project, and if yes, why doesn't it stop trying when it reached the amount of emails present in the project? Just a bit confused here ...


  • I'm having problems with my Social Bookmarking projects too. @Ferryman, does your SER post any verified Social Bookmarking links? Mine goes on an endless loop, but doesn't post any links...
  • No, it doesn't post any links. Haven't had much time to look into it though.
  • My social bookmarking projects are on an endless loop. They don't load from my Global Verified list, but keeps loading xxx possible new Target URLs from present account. SER keeps bombarding and

    I even manually imported my verified list into the projects but the URLs get deleted as soon as the projects run. :-?
  • SvenSven
    paste some log lines please.
  • @Sven, here's one of my social bookmarking project after just 2 mins of running,

    Project settings,
    - only post to Social Bookmarking sites
    - Allow posting to same site again. Max posts per account=300, Max accounts per site=8
    - 10 cPanel emails
    - Submitted=6
    - Verified=6489

    I've 475 verified Social Bookmarking URLs in my global list. I've manually impoted them into the project's Target URL, but they get deleted almost immediately.

    I also notice that this problem occurs only on older projects. Newer projects are working fine at the moment...

  • SvenSven
    the log however doesn't show that many urls are in the imported list. I made some changed on next release that should improve things.
  • Thanks Sven... looking forward to it...
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