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100% CPU Usage all the time after the last SER update

Anyone getting this? As I start SER, with even a single project, my laptop frozes and CPU is at 100%, all the time!

After I stop it, everything is back to normal. Was fine until I updated today, anyone noticing this?


  • I have 2 project running and it's 100%. i'll update it tomorrow
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    30+ projects running and 400 threads and CPU is hardly ever at 100% on version 8.0.
  • @Justin which VPS are you using ?
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     if you are getting high cpu load, make sure to uncheck Skip for identifications in GSA Ser, you can find it here:

    Under Main Options (Not individual project options).

    ----> Submission (Under Proxies Section)
    ----> Uncheck Skip for identifications

    This will fix it for you
  • @Sven, why does uncheck "Skip for identification" reduces CPU load? It's not a bug is it?

    I do "Skip for identification" coz I don't want to use public proxies for identification as they are slow and unreliable...
  • it doesnt matter if I use or not identification, it was fine before I seems that with every update released to fix something, something else is broken

    Is there a page with all the previous SER  versions so I can download a previous version?
  • SvenSven

    @Olve1954 this just skips the proxy search to use. However it should not take that much of a CPU at all. I can not see a problem here.

    @rogerw Im sorry to disapoint you with the updates, but thats just the nature of software engeneering. Even though I test things, there are always issues for one or the other customer. I have to admit that I could test some things more often but generally I try to make things better with every update.

  • @sven: that makes perfect sense, could you take a look and check if there is something in the last update that could cause that? As soon as I start SER, cpu is at 100%, as soon as I stop, is back to normal, something is not right here

  • @rogerw, I guess you'll have to provide more info on your setup (hardware and software SER). Or else Sven can't help you. As for me (or the rest of us), the latest version v8.00 is a huge improvement...

  • @sven what is your process for adding new 'features' because I know you dont discuss it on the forums (sometimes i do see it discussed but not for a majority of things that are added) and granted many great features are added such as duping tiers which i really love ! so thanks! but other stuff which was working great I find suddenly taken out . why not consult with the power members on here as they are the best ones to consult for feature requests arent they? Not trying to diss you cos you do the best job of any software out there! but as youve said you arent an SEO yourself so you must be getting your suggestions from some other ppl and I question some of their suggestions.
  • SvenSven

    @PeterParker I write down each feature request ever made. I go through that carefully from time to time and add things. There is no need to let people even more decide what feature gets added when and how. Belief me I do it that way for years and it was good. It's not like you buy a service or pay recurrently. Im still independent and decide what to add and when. 

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    @sven ok, as i said i wasnt getting at you and appreciate your work so dont feel defensive, i will not say any more on the subject. :)
  • SvenSven
    naw just wanted to clear that hard feelings ;)
  • @sven could the latest blogspot domain names fix or recent changes have something to do with CPU load? I have some projects that use insane amount of CPU (near 100% sometimes for 3.4 Ghz 4 cores for 3 active projects) and don't know why it is so...
  • KaineKaine

    100% CPU activity is not necessarily a problem, on the contrary. I never complain to me about it. This is a sign that the software uses your machine well. ;)

    Maybe you have pushed too hard settings?
  • SvenSven
    @Nikodim hmm maybe yes. But that changes are just very small...Will try to optimize that on next version.
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