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7.99 Article Not Saving In Article Manager

After I create a spun article in the article manager and close out of the project and then reopen it the article manager is empty. It is not saving articles :(


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    until sven makes a fix for this you can use older/previus version. (Search_Engine_Ranker_old.exe)
  • Where can I download an older version? Thanks
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    @Sven Same Bug here. Please fix this.
  • @sweeppicker ... just open the start menu you will find it marked with ( previous version )
  • Yeah, doesn't save emails either.  They must know about this by now.  @Sweeppicker, open "computer", "local disk c", "program files (x86)", GSA SER then scroll down to Search engine ranker old.  It may also say "previous version".  That's what I do.
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    yes, in Start Menu or in ProgramsFiles/GSA s.e.r./

    (lets go to bed...)
  • jesus, all my articles are gone in this version, not a single article is there after saving project settings!! AHHHHHHH
  • SvenSven
    fixed in v8.00 sorry
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