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hi guys

ive tried lots and lots of stuff to try and increase my verifieds, but am starting to bang my head against the wall now. 

PS - Ive just read rons theory of running each project for 20 minutes at a time - which I am implementing, but cannot find a tool to split my 100k keywords into 250 keyword files, Gsplit will only split it into 10 files which means 10k keywords at a time - too many. So can anyone help me with the below:

- Something to split the 100k into 250 keywords sets 

But more importantly with this bit... Because I am only getting a 5% verified rate. I have 3 projects running, as per rons tiered link building system.

Tier 1 - hand written (5 sites for each niche to start, will increase as time goes on)
Tier 2 - Contextual web 2.0's, wikis, articles and social networks (Pause after 40 submission per day)
Tier 3 - Same (pause after 80 submissions per day)
Tier 2a - Kitchen Sink (unlimited)
Tier 3a - Kitchen Sink (unlimited)

options - as per how everyone on here suggests.
22 private proxies, 200 threads with 30second html timeout and 90 secs between qurries

I bought donald becks video tutorials on scraping own URL's, and have scrapebox running as we speak on the keyword level. I wasnt having any luck with my keywords, and scrapebox crashes when I try to merge the 100k keyword lists, so simply have technique 1 running on keywords of just letters of the alphabet to try and get some results at least!!

it is a good idea for me to look at what is actually verifying (e.g seem to be getting verifieds from buddypress, ucrnter, zendesk, memonic, mediawiki, wikkawiki) and scraping with scrapebox using these footprints? or should I simply let GSA run for a week or so and then take a closer look at it? (had gsa running for 3 days now...

any help really, as Im really banging my head against the wall now, seeing people say on here that they are getting much higher (30-50% verifieds) when Im struggling to get 5%.

This is my own project for my own business, I don't have any private clients, simply my own large heating company covering 144 town areas, new money site and domain (2 months old). 

Someone help - please!!


  • I guess the help that I need it fishing out the crap sites that never verify, and a point in the right direction to find the ones with a higher verification rate... It seems to be hard to get that question on here (and understandably so) as people dont want to give away their secrets, but some help for a man who has 25 people working for him all hungry for work - would be really appreciated!!!
  • Scrapebox dupe remove add on and SER Tools will both split your files into an unlimited number of files.
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  • KaineKaine
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    I do not understand how you can work with as few proxies. 

    For me it takes more proxies that treads. You must also define the maximum number of thread. I mean by maximum or it retains a strong flow. 

    Multiple threads on proxies will fall further are flow ... You must use much less thread in this configuration.

    You can not split into 250 rows with gscraper? 

    If you are in this form: keyword, keyword, keyword ... 

    Used Notepad + + c and turns the "," in return line \n. 

    You can then cut to 250 lines.

    Give me your keyword file, I'll do it.

  • Bit sure I understood everything you said about the proxies per thread, I thought it was 10 threads per proxy? These are private proxies.... So what I've done is create a folder with 400 x 250 keyword txt files, and specified its location in the keyword list as %spinfolder-C:\users\matt\split100k% Is that not right?
  • KaineKaine
    Actually you use 200 threads and 10 proxies.


    You have 20 threads to a single proxies. 
    Many will say that this is enough, I do not. 

    The flow of proxies is very bad, you are still Extention delay loading. 
    Thus pages that could be responsible, will spend in timout.

    What is the form of keyword in the txt file ?

  • 250 keywords in spintax...
  • KaineKaine
    Send me i cut for you if you want.

    Just many min and it's done.
  • hi mate, screenshot attached, shows the path im putting in the keyword field, the keyword folder showing the path, and also what is inside each folder (250 keywords in spintax)image

  • KaineKaine
    edited March 2014
    You can join all with one command for process.

    Go in folder with cmd:

    type *.txt > namehasyouwant.txt

    That pusch all in on file.txt

    After use notepad c++ 

    transform all | be \n

    \n is jump at the line

    Dedupe that  and the result done:

    keyword  ....

    Split in 250 rows with gscraper.

    That was you want ?
  • I don't understand... Is the way I've done it not right? Can you help @ron ?
  • ronron

    @matt200187 - Yes, everything looks correct in the path. Mine for the record is:


    Use @kaykay's free SER Editing Tool. Do a search. It's free, and I use it to split files all the time.

    Yes, the keyword files you use in this effort need to be in spintax.

    Everything looks perfect. Are you saying it is not working? Because the set-up looks great.

  • Hi Ron - thanks for helping me out. No it seems to be working fine - just @Kaine confused me a little bit! I think ill download dropbox like you and put my keywords in there. I used scrapebox to split the files down - seems easy enough! Great tactic
  • KaineKaine
    edited March 2014
    I have translated and wanted to respond to this:

    "but cannot find a tool to split my 100k keywords into 250 keyword files, Gsplit will only split it into 10 files which means 10k keywords at a time - too many. So can anyone help me with the below:"

    But i not use ron's theory ;)
  • i'am a bit ill right now ... will update the thread (tomorrow i hope) of my tool with the latest version which i still got on the pc after the crash before i lost my source and alot of mood ....
  • hi @ron , just a quick one mate, for the keyword spin folder, do the files needs to have a specific name within the spin folder? E.g ive got 400 x 250 keyword files... do the names of these files need to be anything specific or? Just that, I keep getting the 'no targets to post to' warning, and Im not sure why? Surely Id never run out of targets this way
  • ronron

    Nah, mine all say "split blah blah blah.txt". It doesn't matter at all.

    Remember: The spintoken looks for the folder by name, and then just grabs the contents, whatever those files are called.

  • any reason why it would be telling me that there is no targets to post to then? Im scratching my head! All projects are on a 20 minute scheduler aswell, surely 100k keywords should last forever!! @ron
  • and should I have 'always use keywords to find target sites' ticked? Just realised its ticked on some but not others and am unsure as to why!! @ron
  • ronron

    Honestly, there could be other things you are doing that are hurting your efforts. It really is hard to tell without some project settings screenshots.

    Yes, I would check that box for keywords and check the box for StopWords, and have a setting in there for 20% - 50%.

    I would also stick in new emails in your projects as well. 

  • hi ron, my options below matt200187 More so on my tier 2 and 3, (options attached are for my tier 2) still getting 'no targets to post to, even though im using the spinfolder macro..!
  • hi @sven , is there anything you could offer in terms of advice here? Whether 'always use keywords' is ticked, or unticked, i keep getting 'no targets to post to' from most tiers.... As per the above, using the spintax macro where there are 100k keywords, I cant imagine how it could ever run out of targets?! Should tiers 2 and 3 be different to tier 2a and 3a (knowing that using keywords in searches could work better for blog comments etc) ? Im at a loss here
  • i am running the same list on 7.96 and 8.06. 7.96 has better success rate . dunno why.
  • @matt200187

    On the first image, change to the following.

    1 - Pause project after 60 Submission per day. 
    2 - Tick Analyse and post to competitors backlinks
    3 - Web2.0 I would untick this engine, only use it if you use Serengines or another company like that.

    Second Image

    1 - Tick - Allow posting on the same site again

    Third Image

    1 - It says you have no proxies, I see you are using private proxies are they still alive?

    Fix these problems and it should get you going again.

  • thanks @thunderman every time i change it to submission 'per day' press ok, then go to options again and it has changed it back to 1440 minutes... All proxies are selected and working correctly ive made the other changes. Ye, over 8k verified links so far and only 25 from web 2.0's.... Unchecked that...
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