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GSA SER 7.98 Windows 7 Starter SP1 can't backup projects

I would like to create my projects at my own computer than export it to my VPS. When I try to backup at my Windows 7 Start SP1 it shows a windows saying that an error occurred and the application have to Continue, Close , or Restart .


  • The problem is that GSA could not write in the file path that I have chosen (through GSA window) .. kind of weird but have changed that and now it's working :)
  • anyone here still having version 7.98? I would like to revert to that version but I can;t find it

    if someone has it, maybe he can send it over so I can get back to work

  • Yes if someone has 7.98 it would be very helpful, with that version I was constantly getting 70-80 LPM but now I am struggling to get 10 LPM with the newer verisons.
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