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Do Anchor Text Diversify Really Important?

Hello, I just checked in ahrefs top few sites on G first page for a high competition keyword & they have 40 - 90% of mine keywords in the anchor texts, also they have many blog comments in link profile, also have some badwords in anchors like porn, etc.. So, Do Anchor Text Diversify Really Important To rank high? Or they just use chunch & burn method & will be drooped from search?


  • If you want longevity you need to have very, very diversified anchor text profiles and you should monitor them. Churn and burn sites usually tank when enough links have been indexed by Google to result in over optimized anchor text.
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    Thank you for the answer sweeppicker . But, if the top sites have 600 - 1000 main keywords backlinks, I will newer reach that amount with 2% of mine keyword rule, so I newer outrank them, right?
  • I suggest you go for lower traffic / competition keywords first.
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