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FYI: Hotmail better than rediff

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For the past couple of days I ran a test on a tier 3 all-in-one project. The setup of the test projects was exactly the same bit for bit, except for the email settings which in one case were a batch of 10 hotmail accounts and in the other a set of 10 rediff emails.

The hotmail accounts outperformed the rediff ones by about 10 pp (percentage points, so e.g. 50%+10pp = 60%, but 50%+20% = 60%) (i.e. roughly the same amount of submissions, hotmail gave me +10 pp verifieds). The result based on the sample size had a 98% confidence level (i.e. there is a 98% chance the hotmail accounts will perform much better than the rediff ones).

Interested in a batch of 20 yahoo emails for testing purposes now - if you have them, just pm me.


  • goonergooner
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    LOL that's interesting, we got the opposite result.
    We tested using proxies and 900 sec delay too.
    We'll be publishing results soon. Here's a preview of results:


    We'll explain what each project was in more detail when we publish the test.

    How big was the list you imported?
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    it was the last blue list :P - manual verification (otherwise you will get autoverified entries skewing the results)

    What kind of distribution did you use? chi-square?
  • goonergooner
    Haha well i better not blame the list then :D

    We just let SER run as it normally would, brand new projects and the same list imported into each project.
    Why do you think auto-verification will skew the results?
  • It skews the result because you get targets in between that will autoapprove regardless of the mail. (got about 3-4% of those)
    Retesting with a completely different list now - will make a blast, wait a few hours, verify and see what comes out of it.
  • goonergooner
    Yea i see what you mean, but if all projects have the same target list then all is fair.
    Or maybe we could run this test 10 times and have 10 different results lol
  • Just ran a 1k submission test from the different list - the amount of auto-approves was around 5% regardless of the mail used (5.1% on hotmail vs 5.5% on rediff). Waiting 45 minutes for the verification of the links so that all make it into the inbox.
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    *sigh* took a list with mostly trackbacks, url shorteners and the kind, lol. Will have to redo the test later with something meaningful :/
  • @ferryman is obviously a statistician lol.
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    Had another go:

    blue list, not randomized, different project, different mails

    hotmail - 2459 submissions, 446 verified links
    rediff - 2398 submissions, 453 verified links
    the outcome were only blog / image comment and directory links, so guess I got the wrong part of the list again. Now for the best part - the result is inconclusive, as I would need 21677 submissions more to reach at least 95% certainty of the result (I would need 21677 more submissions to tell if hotmail or rediff is better). But at least I can say that for comments and directory links it doesn't seem to make much of a difference difference if you use hotmail or rediff (because I need such a large number of submissions the difference must be very small to exactly pinpoint), so I will exclude them from the next test.
  • Run something like this for a good contextual test:

    1.       XpressEngine

    2.       Drupal – Blog

    3.       Wordpress Article

    4.       BuddyPress

    5.       Zendesk

    6.       Moodle

    7.       Article Script

    8.       vBulletin – Blog

  • Thanks @coneh34d - Sounds like a good idea. Have to check how many targets of each there are and scrape a custom list. And get myself a new batch of emails, lol.
  • Thanks mate :)
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