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Any one here using Gsa on Intel Xeon Quad Core Or 6 Core ?

Hello guys . As the title says, I want to know if anyone of you is using Intel Xeon Quad Core or 6 Core to run GSA .I am asking this because I plan to buy one of theese in the near feauture ( 2 - 4 weeks ). Right now I have an Intel Core I5 Ivy Bridge at 3.40 GHZ ,8 gb Ram, 128 GB SSD ! Since I changed my proxies to alot faster ones the submission works almost 2x faster but the Cpu Usage is also higher. ( Arount 90 - 100% ) . before was at 40 - 70% ( with old proxies ).

If anyone using Xeon Processor please recommand me one... I want to buy this for my Home PC ( where I run gsa From ). My budget is 600$ for Processor. What got my attention are the next processors : 

Anyone runs Gsa on one of theese two ? Can you tell me the average Usage you get for this ? Running 20 Private Proxies 100 mbps , 250 Threads , PC 100 mbps internet connection. 

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