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SER - Releasing Memory Question

When I startup SER my memory usage in the program footer is 65MB, and it stays like this jumping up to 565mb and down again while finding and posting links happily for days on end. But when I open a project to edit it the memory jumps to 1.5GB which is expected as I have lots of articles in Article Manager. 

Once the project is closed the memory stays at the 1.5GB until I have to close down SER and restart it.

This happens when I edit a project while it is running and also if I stop all projects and then do the edit. 

I would think that SER would release the memory if the project has been closed and not retain it until the program is restarted.

Is anybody else having a problem like this or is it a isolated incident with my version 7.98?

Best Answer

  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    OK this will be fixed in next version. The data is cleared when closing the form.


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