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How To Rank Website For Google. de Au or other countries ?

This is a question for @Sven @ron as i think they have the most knowledge to answer but feel free to post your answer as well if you tried this.

I was wondering how can i rank a website in Google Germany ( as well as other non-US countries

For example for Germany do I need 100% german diversified anchor text as well as a spun article in german or there is other way arround it ?

Thanks in advance for the answer guys


  • SvenSven
    there are way more people here who can answer this. However as it is a SEO based question, I leave it up for others to answer.
  • german hosting, german domain, german backlinks, german context = german ranking
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    Dunno but I can rank UK sites with 90% Korean links so although Ferryman is totally right, Google is weird and all you can do is test.

    btw add !.de to your site list filters to target German sites or scrape German sites and import lists.
  • ronron
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    @seo4all - @Ferryman pretty much nailed it. The hosting and domain set the table as being 'from' the country where you are trying to rank. But there is also something important I found...

    For me, the backlinks needs to be skewed toward Germany, but it should also be heavily centered on other countries that speak German or derivatives, like Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, etc. When you do that, it 'makes sense' to Google from a language perspective that other countries that speak German would be 'linking' to it ;)

    Of course there are plenty of instances where you blast from links all over the world, and it does great, but just make sure you take care of your own backyard first.

  • Thank you for the answers guys
  • Very good thought. Do you now if is somehow to import export the selected countries and langs? That would be helpful to exist...
  • I rank Thai language sites with 99% foreign links LOL :))
  • sagarpatilsagarpatil 1LinkList Ninja
    In Google Webmaster Tools, set you preferred country to German. That's the right way of doing it. If you select a .de domain, google selects Germany by default. After that create links as normally you would do. I'm speaking from experience.
  • goonergooner
    In my experience you can rank any site with links from any language/country and with hosting in the US or wherever. I have clients in 4 continents and i never set up different things for any of them no matter what the country.

  • What language in articles do you use for foreign countries projects (for example German) ?
    English or translated ?

    Another case, I got recently two projects for UK, building backlinks since month with zero results in google UK, I experienced something like this only in Google UK, other countries works sometimes better sometimes worse but work on english language articles only and backlinsk from target sites all around the World not targetted to specific country but in case o UK something strange is happening, has anyone the same problem ?
  • goonergooner
    @thomas73 - Better it it's the native language of course,

    For the UK site, try adding an English phone number/address somewhere on site if you haven't done that already. You could try the GWT thing too.
  • Thanks Gooner , but the problem is those UK moneysites I want to rank are my clients sites and both have all address details including phone numbers, both are placed on UK hosting, therefore I am so suprised why those backlinks dont work only for those UK projects. I have several german projects and I can easily rank keywords in google DE ,even on english articles. Strange. The only thing I didn`t asked them yet is GWT localization setting - thanks

    About language - I can imagine that, but the problem is english spunned and translated to german articles looks horrible, they are not readable ): so probably Google very fast will finding out they was created by automatic tool ): , do you spin English article before get them translated to the target language or just scrape and translate without spinning ?

    I know it will be duplicate content without spinning but have no idea how I could do it other way to make them readable, are there any German spinner on the market you heard about maybe ? (:
  • goonergooner
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    @thomas73 - Do you mean articles for money site or for link building?
  • No, I meant for link building of course. Alle the articles on moneysites are created by my clients ,they are natives German so they are top quality.
  • Site language, site domain, site hosting = ranking for desired country. So if you are ranking for Germany, buy .de domain, get a hosting based in Germany and write the web site in German. Backlinks origin does not make much affect. 
  • goonergooner
    For link building all my articles are English, with native language anchor text.
    I don't believe it makes any difference, but i know some people will disagree with that :)
  • @gooner OK so you use native language articles on money sites and English language articles with native language anchor text on tiers? That would save me an awful lot of time and money!
  • dariobl: I already wrote I am talking about .de domains hosted in DE and written content on them in perfect DE language cos that are business sites of my clients from Germany (:, the question was related to content of link building purpose.
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    gooner: I have heard most of the people doing that, have you ever experienced penalization because of that ?
    I mean, putting german anchor inside English article doesn`t look natural to Google right ? (: so I just wondering how long Google will allows that usually (((: before it get penalized
  • goonergooner
    @bangkoklad - That's what i do, but i am ranking local business sites.
    Choose any language other than English and they are almost always low competition in comparison.
    I ranked a Thai hotel site using that strategy, but it wasn't in BKK so maybe competition there would be harder.
    With tougher keywords it might not be possible, but it works for me.
  • danielkoepfdanielkoepf General Santos City, Philippines
    @bangkoklad Obviously, if there is no competition, Google takes whatever is there. Even if 99% foreign language backlinks. But as soon as another website has more relevant backlinks, you are out!

  • mathias.hinkelmathias.hinkel Deutschland
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    Hi folks. I have a question. Consider the following webpage - It has an English version. The English version consists only of header and footer translation - the rest of the content is in German. German is our target language. Should I add both hreflang and canonical to both versions. Here's an example: - German - English

    should i put hreflang de and canonical to the german version and hreflang en and canonical to the englsih version? Is it ok to use both canonical and hreflang on the same page?

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