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ip risk with gsa email verifier

It looks like it is difficult to find proxy or vpn allowing gsa email verifier.
So what is the risk to use the email verifier on a windows vps without protection? just bad working due to vps ip blacklist at some email provider? or is there some risk of abuse/complaints?
Is there a way to work by few quantities to avoid any problems? any experience qty by hour/ day acceptable?


  • SvenSven

    I guess it depends on the VPS you use. But yes checking emails is always a problem. 

    Must customers used this.

  • Thanks a lot I will buy and try that, is there some documentation available somewhere how to parameter gsa emal verifier to work with hide my ip?
  • SvenSven
    Sorry I don't own that myself but on that premium service (just that one please) it allows you to choose our program from a list and it should work out of the box.
  • fine lets try that, thanks a lot
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