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out of memory and scheduler


I am using GSA for quite some time and it was working awesome making 24K links per or 25K links. But now GSA started giving errors out of memory then i read forum and started scheduler. With default setting 10 projects for 30 minutes. GSA gets stuck when the first schedule ends. Then i closed the GSA my friend said choice 20 projects for 20 minutes but as i was getting error i run 5 projects for 20 minutes. 

GSA stuck on verifying links and did not start i waited for whole day. Now i am posting here. 



Please let me know the solution for 3 days i have not created links. 


  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    Your LPM shows you are creating 0.24 links every minute.
  • But i dont see the log moving. :(
  • Rightclick on log window, enable log?
  • Rightclick on log window, enable log?
  • Log is enabled that why GSA is show verifying links in the attachment. Anyone else who is using schedule. 
  • man you are verifying links on all the projects at the same time, change the verifiyng time on all your projects, set a different custom time for each one and restart ser
  • No guys. I got the answer from my friend.  It might help you also. now I am running without scheduler and LPM is 15, everything is fine. :)

    Close both SER & CB and restart your VPS, you need to reset the memory/ram cache, turn the machine on and off and then start up the programs and run as normal.

    That should stop any future crashes, restarting a machine/vps every so often is good to do especially if you are receiving these "Out of Memory" warnings, when a machine has been running for quite a while, lots of things, executable code, error messages, applications, get stored in the memory until it is flushed, sometimes this may cause the memory issue.

  • ok, first you can flush any computer memory without having to restart.

    and second, not using schedule with that many projects is the worst thing you can do... think about how ser will build links with so many active projects?

    you will not get the impact you want for each project because ser will try to build links on everything at the same time.

    a good lpm doesn't mean you have a good setup.

  • Yes you are right about the impact thing. Thanks. :)
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