Getting this green message link already present whats the confusion with gsa not posting again

Ok you know on bottum of gsa when a project is running i get alot of green highlighted messages link already present im wondering if it conflict of titles or somethin like that trying to increase my links . Whats this highlighted green message mean how do i turn that message into submission successful. Also my gsa used be alot faster duno what happened its not scraping its doing only 12k links in 24 hours same site lists same projects duno what i did wrong setting up these new projects any ideas? checked proxies checked all projects. Anything else i should check? im running 450 threads duno my lpm its not showing it


  • hmmm, if you want the knowledgable to provide insight I think it would be great to post your settings here (or screenshots). Otherwise it will be very difficult to tell you if something can be improved or not.
  • goonergooner
    "Link already present" means you have already posted to that domain for that project.
    That's a normal message, you need more target URLs.
    You could post your settings as @ferryman suggested
  • SvenSven

    That "link already present" is also shown if an URL is opened and your link is there. This happens usually for "Fast Indexer" engine and some Exploit engines.

    Usually for all engines that carry your URL as parameter in the calling URL (whois/stats sites).

    When opening that with your URL in it, it is showing the URL wanted. It is a new link, but that one is only viewable if that exact URL is opened, it's dynamically linked.

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