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Hi Guys How long, on average, do everyones articles last for? I created a spun article for 3 niches for tier 2 on thebestspinner, to 75% uniqueness, spun it as hard as I could, and after about 90 minutes of letting GSA run its saying ive run out of articles and to add more? Whats everyone elses experiences?


  • which setting did you use in the articles - use once per account?
  • Yeah, but it seems to have shot me out after about 80 submissions, I don't believe it!! Would you untick 'never use a duplicate' ?? @ferryman
  • ok, did you read the information that pops up after you choose once per acount?
  • i see that now ;-) I watched matthew woodwards tutorial, but a lot of my settings are actually different ot his off the back of what ive seen on this forum. Great forum it is. One thing mate - you seem to know what you're talking about. Ive set my submissions as 40 per URL per day to tier 1 (new money site), and as ive got 4 urls (4 tier 2's) i would imagine it would stop submitting at 160 submissions??
  • if im right, then ive got a problem, because onces just gone over 160, now at 166
  • set the level to 10-20 submissions a day for the first week, for tier 1 and then double it for week 2.
  • Thats what i was going to start at, but Im getting such low verifieds, that i may only get 1 verified link out of 200 submission... so I upped it... I need advice in my other discussion about where to get some verified links lists from. Do you use the gsa ser verified link software at $19 per  month? Is that any good @ferryman ?

    Thanks for all of your help so far mate, you've been great

  • edited March 2014
    1 link out of 200 submissions is very low :(, I get about 30-50% verified from submitted on a dirty list

    uhmmm, GSA verified link software? You lost me here :D

    I only tested @ron list here (I see you already commented there). The list was ok - and it came with an added value of a best practices book which increased its value even further - I liked it very much.
  • See my stats below @ferryman , dont seem to be getting hardly any wikis or articles verified (although this has only been running 24 hours - maybe I was expecting more? What are your thoughts on the below? Good/bad/indifferent?

    This is the cerified link software im referring to:


    Tier 2 (niche 1) - 131 submitted, 28 verified

    Tier 3 (niche 1) - 287 Submitted, 38 verified


    Tier 2 (niche 2) - 122 submitted, 3 verified

    Tier 3 (niche 2) -  186 submitted, 34 verified


    Tier 2 (niche 3) - 137 submitted, 22 verified

    Tier 3 (niche 3) - 326 submitted, 26 verified 

  • matt - These are just numbers, they seem a bit low but there is not much i can tell from looking at them. Try this thread, read it and look if your settings are similar.

    As to the "certified" link software - the person is selling a link list bundled with a software I guess, the main questions to ask would be how many people get the list and how often it is updated. Tbh, I'd rather get a list from @ron and pay $30 than buy that list for $19 and install a software whihc basically downloads a list for me. Maybe it's worth testing, maybe not - your call.
  • Sounds like a plan... What about it @ron , have you got any lists for sale???
  • @ferryman , my setting are almost identical to the guys on that link you posted... hence why im a little confused at why im verifying so little...

    Can I ask you some questions?

    - Do you use engines from all countries or just limit to uk/us? (it keeps saying there is no more target sites, yet Im using 15k keywords a time from 100k most searched keywords found on here)
    - how often do you replace articles?

  • ronron
    @matt200187 - I mentioned in the sales thread that it will be about one week. It all depends on production which is not as predictable as you might guess.
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