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SER stops processing after sending links to indexer

Okay so this has been happening since I updated to 7.97 so not sure what versions its effecting (I have another comp running 7.92 which seems fine, and another running 7.94 which also seems fine at the moment)

Basically I have a lot of URLs in the Target List so I am trying to process them quickly so have paused all projects apart from this 1. However when I let it run it seems to stop activity after about 10 minutes with no obvious signs of whats wrong.
- The thread count is still quite high
- The log window just stops any new updates

One thing I did notice after a few attempts to fix is that it always seems to happen after sending links to the indexer. The last message reads -
16:04:03: [+] Sent 1 links to TheIndexer - OK: 1 links accepted (can add 99998 links today, daily limit:100000) for user xxxxx

Not sure why its only sending 1 URL as its verified over 4,000 links already today but I am thinking this could be related to the issue.

I have turned off indexing for the time being to see if I can run the project for a longer period of time.


  • Seems like the indexer was more of a coincidence rather than the cause. 

    I have turned off sending links to the indexer and its still freezing up after 10 minutes or so. It only starts working again after I have restarted the program as well.
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