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Hello guys,

Recently i purchased GSA And i noticed my VPS is really LOW. I bought 5 cores 5 GB RAM VPS, 50 Private Proxies, i got good keywords list.. Here are my GSA settings.. I don't really know what is the problem..

Project Options:

My LPM is around 5.. when i leave it over night it goes up to 20..but that is still low .. I'm using this to build backlinks for a yotube video.. Please guys help me out its really important..



  • I would make the following modifications.

    Are you proxies that you bought set to private in your proxy list?

    I would drop your threads to 150, 
    Custom wait time between engines 90
    Search Engines - Private
    Submission - Private
    Skip for Identification - Untick
    PR Checking - Private
    Verification - Private
    Email checking - Leave unchecked for both Public and Private

    Stop Projects on no active projects - Tick
    Restart Projects on active projects - Tick

    Click Configure --> Options Tab

    Automatically disable private proxies when detected to be down - UNTICK

    Option Tab

    You have way to many search engines selected, choose 10 max for a start.

    Select "Analyse and post to competitor back links"

    Where to Submit
    Untick Web2.0 you won't have much success with them in SER.

    Try that and see how it goes...

  • Hey mate, thank you for answering. I've made the modifications you suggested but it seems like this made the LPM even worse. :O I'm not sure if i need to wait some time before LPM goes up but at the moment it's 2.8. GSA is working already 5-10 minutes.
  • Reset your LPM counter and give it at least a few hours.

    Right Click on LPM and reset counter and then leave SER alone for a few hours.
  • Okay, i will post the results here after few hours. Thank you for helping me Thunderman, i really appreciate it.
  • On 10 proxies I am getting a LPM of 25, using those settings. So you can increase your thread count, but leave it for a while to see how it goes.

    Aslo check out your CPU is make sure it isn't being maxxed out all the time.

  • @batesldlas what VPS provider are you using?
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    EDIT: LPM - 6 ATM
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    ok you need to show me all your main options tab pics... also your proxy options tab, and your main project first options you can hide your anchors and keywords.

    but anyways use the options that @Thunderman posted here, if that is not working i would do some tweaks on:
    for your main option.
    you can use 500 threads but lower it to 300 to start testing.
    html timeout 120
    custom time to wait at least 30
    on search engines only select google us and google international, to start testing.
    for PR checking i will use public proxies but you need to scrape them and test them with ser.
    don't tick analyse and post to competitor backlinks

    i need to see your other options for more tweaks

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    Can VPN like HMA will work the same way.I'm testing with dummy target with a verified list and a free VPN just to get familiar with the GSA.
    The highest LPM I got is 4 and am following the method from this thread

    I'm getting lot of download failed,submission failed,etc erros.
  • Hey guys, i replaced my proxies with new ones and seems like that was the main problem LPM went up to 50 now, but i believe it can even go more. Now i figured out that my LPM depends on what search engines i use.. I used Google US and Google International and it went up to 57 .. when i select all search engines it goes down.. Which and how many search engines should i select?
  • @rodol - Here are the screenshots of my other options:

    Please tell me if you need any more screenshots or anything i'll post them asap.

    - Sorry for double posting i couldn't find the edit button.. :S

    Thank you all for helping me out, LPM is now 56..
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