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Captcha Breaker or Spamvilla?

I've had spanvilla for a couple of days now and this is what i've noticed.
with spamvilla as the 1st solver, i was getting 8LPM so i swapped it around and now i'm getting 16LPM..., i took spamvilla off altogether and i got 18+ LPM.

Looking like a waste of money.

how to i know if spamvilla is working? what do i look out for?



  • The external solvers generally is a waste of money because of the angry captchas. Only human solving still works at the moment. I've run projects comparing CB vs. CB+Reverse+SpamV. I get 10-15% extra sites. But with much lower LPM of course as GSA has to wait.

    I have cancelled my subscriptions for SV and RC.
  • Right now I am trying to get the hard to solve captcha types in a separate list and run them on a separate project with an outside captcha solution - should work and not influence LPM greatly
  • thanks, i think i'll try DBC
  • @william88 its not waste of money if you use tons of proxies you will never see any angry (blob captcha's) 2nd lpm is slow because its remote ocr not local one like CB with DBC your LPM also will be low but accuracy of recaptcha will be higher we are working on blob captcha hoping to get it added in this month
  • o.k, thanks
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