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Randomg number added to my anchor text


I see something strange in the list of the backlinks I got recently from SER, after my anchor SER adding random 5 digit numbers "anchor_99999" etc.
Do you know why this is happening ?


  • SvenSven
    we have a thread about this already. It's the XPressEngine which will get changed back to the old way in next version.
  • thomas, i've just noticed it when i went on one of those xpressengines sites....., you must be one of those "big time spammers" who fills upto 40 pages withe the same company, usually glasses, coats or boots!

    does this type of spamming work?
  • edited March 2014
    Not exactly (:
    It`s probably one of the beginners who didn`t read the manual ,or have no long experience with SEO (:

    I think everyone have the same problem here since some time with Xpressengines so therefore are so many posts like this I think.

    I never create more than one post per account, sometimes 2-3 with no backlinks inside. It`s known problem already identified in other thread.
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