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SER Gets New Target URLs from Project's Verified List?

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I've a few projects setup to only get new urls from the Import Target URLs feature. All search engines, and global list are disabled. But since v7.95, these projects have been busy submitting links (more than 30K already) and I cannot stop them even if I deleted their Target URL Caches. SER keeps finding new urls to post to. The only way I can stop these projects is to delete their .success, .targets, and .verify files. @Sven is this a bug or did I miss something?...


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    @Sven, maybe it is a new feature you implemented. I'm seeing this on my log,

    xxx possible new Target URLs from present accounts.

    Is there a way to disable that? If not, or if it's too difficult to implement the disable button, I'll have to rethink another way to introduce new target sites to my projects...

  • SvenSven
    Well thats coming from scheduled posting. You might have that enabled and SER finds new sites to post to.
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    Yes @Sven, I'm using scheduled posting. So there's no easy way to disable the feature at the moment?

    It's not a bad feature though, but I want those projects to stop posting as soon as they finish processing the newly imported/harvested URLs (I use scrapebox to harvest them). New verified URLs will be added to the Global List so that other projects can use them...
  • SvenSven
    Why not simply disable the scheduled posting then?
  • Opps... sorry @Sven, I was confused. I thought you meant the Scheduler, Start -> Scheduler (All with Status Active)

    And yes, I can disable "Scheduled Posting" for those projects. Untick "Allow posting on same site again"...
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